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Time for some fun this afternoon called Mirage to see if Jemma was available, Ravi said no But Macy was. Had to think about that one as ever since she left RM she has mixed reviews but always wanted to see her.

Jumped to my car off to the condo. Open door, she greets me and Wow :!: she is stunning. Good looking babe, beautiful smile and killer eyes. HW, found one for you bud. Slim body and great frieken ass very talkative and super friendly. Mandatory shower and she is waiting for me on the bed wearing only her black bra. I couldn't stop looking at her face as she lights up the room every time she smiled.

Started with light DFK she then proceeded to kiss me all over and found my buddy wiggling at her. Slow BBBJ turned to aggressive sucking motions. The sounds that she made with every stroke was a turn on, lots of saliva and slurps. She could not DT me but it was great. Turn her on her back and very responsive to Daty did not try digits, don't ask me why? I think I forgot as was having too much fun with her shaved masterpiece. She then started kissing me with all her love juice running down on her face.

Sock came on and Mish positions with all angles style. This babe can really bend her legs, thought I was going to break her at one point but she took it like a champ. I found her moaning to be a little fake and mechanical at times but only at times. I could be wrong, matters not as she just loves to fuck. Switched to doggie highlight of the session, she was on her knees then raised her ass higher so I can enter her deeper and had to stand up for that one. She then went flat on her tummy and damn what a great position.

With JR still inside of her I rotated her and continued Mish while her DFK become better but still not true DFK. I gently pounded at her, she felt I was about to explode and asked me in I wanted to come in her mouth. Boom, Jr had an early birthday present.

Overall a good time.
Re: Macy @ Mirage

Outstanding review.

I have tried to see her twice, but missed on both occasions.
The first time she was Petra @ Roommates and she left the day before I had my appointment scheduled (I had prebooked), the second time she was Macy @ Sassy's, and my appointment was canceled a half hour before the session because she got sick. (Since she took the next 5 days off, I am sure it was legitimate). I have kept her high on my TDL, so maybe next time with Mirage, I will get lucky.
Re: Macy @ Mirage

clintE said:
Excellent review BT123, some reviews say that she is a little on the flaky side. Can you comment?

Depends what you define Flaky?, she just has her own style and is a little too hyper at times.
Re: Macy @ Mirage

king21 said:
she didn't DT you?
Only 3/4 into JR

king21 said:
what are you packing, a python down there? lol!,
I am just a bit above average bud, it was great though but she couldn't do it.

king21 said:
you missed out on the gagging and "Donald Duck" sounds effects!

No i did not, I mentioned that it turned me on.

"Donald Duck" sounds effects LOL :lol:
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