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Feb 13, 2010
After reading sentry, hw and winslow's reviews racked up enough mula to book Sofia from Mirage unluckily not available when I was, ended up seeing Macy which I remember reading good reviews of her. Petite frame nice titties and very attractive greets me with a hug and a kiss and she does resemble Renne Zellweger, told her its my first time with a sp (few with civilians) and to please help me out if I somewhat do what I am not suppose to. She smiled and told me to take a shower and will take it step by step.

We kiss slowly she took my hand and placed it in her ass, few minutes go on and began to feel comfortable and I took charge. From then on it was pure ecstasy great Blow job , ate her pussy, did her in multiple positions and had a great time. Downside is that she is a talker even during intercourse and after.
The head has been given! Welcome to the hob GMH.
Thanks for reviewing, that was great. Glad you had a good time. I think most SP's would prefer that guys took your approach as opposed to coming on all falsely confident and uber-cool.

One very well known SP told me that she turns away almost 50% of new clients for acting in just such a way :eek: ( lucky for me, I'm neither confident nor cool )
Dapperdon said:
Thanks for the review ..welcome to the club once you buy that round of SP's for the boys you get the t shirt and we will teach you the secret handshake ...
Just playing only have to buy for the first guy to reply but I will still teach you the handshake for bringing Macy to our attention :)

I wouldn't shake DD's hand if I were you. You don't know where it's been...........well actually, you do.
Welcome GMH seem Macy and yes she likes to talk but who cares she can fuck.

Blow job = BBBJ
ate her pussy =
= Fucking mish/doggie etc
Welcome to the Dark Side GMH! :twisted:

Now c'mon over here and I'll tell you a little somethin' somethin' to make you blush, y'know, now that you're a member of the evil army of perverts and all....:cool:
iceman_dci said:
...she looks like she has nice meaty labia to suck on and BTW...does she do greek? :lol:
I second that and I would like to know too, does she do greek?:lol: Welcome on board GMH, nice review, thanks for sharing your experience with her. Keep it coming.
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