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Barrie-Northern Mandy at NotyHotties

Detective said:
Useful info Chevy thanks, I trust your review and will stay away.

I honestly don't know where I stand on trying NH again..... they certainly have some nice looking girls on the site and the reviews suggest this was one that should have retired but didn't.....
Shit, I dunno; I work in the service industry (just not this service) and if/when I screw up, I don't wait for someone who's going to be bad press to ASK for a discount/appology; I throw it out there as soon as I realize there was a screw up.
Still not impressed; they may have some prime choices over there at NH but I'll be talking to Sam's or NiteCandy as I can't be bothered to ask for discounts from a company that has already taken me....
Cheers boys and girls, may you GF tonight have more attached to her hand than just YOUR wrist....
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