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Nov 6, 2009
I haven’t had much time to hobby lately and I was itching to have a session. I was in the west end of the city and I’m not fond of the Mississauga area too much for pooning. In my mind I find it too hit and miss , so I decided to try the Airport area again as I wasn’t that far from there.

I pulled out my contact list and called Pal, but no new ladies. Then I hit DM, which I know has an airport incall, but still no luck. I decided to email Tyson from my crackberry and as usual Tyson immediately replied back and tells me I should try his new girl Mandy.

I quickly used my phone to access the Starlet web page and thought why not, says GFE, they had a 120 dollar half hour special, WHAT THE HELL, why not?

Knock knock and what do I find hiding behind the door? A pretty gina looking girl wearing a tight t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans. Hmmmm, reminds me of a young lady shopping at York dale, you know the kind that you think, Hmmm, what does she look like naked?

Anyway, she gives me a nice welcoming smile, and off to the shower I go. Once out, she walks into the room and strips down. As for her body, small little titties, not bad but not the stripper type body that I crave.

She proceeds to offer me a massage, which I declined. I have been around this hobby too long to know a massage would take up much of my 30 minutes. She was good about it, I told her to start with the BBBJ and she did, except she pulled out the cover, which for me was a bit of a letdown. She likes to use a lot of hand action while sucking away which is fine. I soon stopped her with that and decided to do some Daty and Digits. This part of the session was fun, nice tasty shaved kitty and digits saved the session for me. I finished off with another standing CBJ while doing digits on the little lady, which lead to a nice little explosion.

This encounter goes into my non repeatable list. Nice young lady, although inexperienced and just lacked the passion and wildness I am usually use to. I don’t regret the session, heck for $120.00 I blew my load with a nice young lady, nothing wrong with that.

To Tyson’s credit he did email me to ask me about the session which I pretty much told him MEH, ok I guess. He was very apologetic, but I told him not to sweat it, it wasn’t that bad.
Always the class act Rayden, well you got your fix. Thanks for the info of this babe will wait till she gets more experience and gets over the cbj thing.
That sucks dude. Sorry to hear that your only opportunity in the last couple of weeks turned out to be a let down for the most part. I was looking forward to your review of the one of the new girls at PAL.
I vote Rayden for TOFTT'er of the board/month/year. I think he does this more than anyone else I know, Superstar pervert.

He and I were running neck and neck for a while in the APC (Airport Pooners Club), but Ray does more TOFTT'ing and ran away with that title.
Thanks Iceman, I just am a variety hound my friend.

Smooth, I have had some good sessions with Starlets. I would suggest Jersey to anyone. very good service. That being said, I look at the price. As the price goes up my expectations do as well. When I am only paying 120 I tend to cut the agency and lady some slack, rightfully or wrongfully it's the way I go about hobbying.
Agreed....Jersey is probably the best bang for your buck, although I was a little floored about her upsell on greek when I saw her as I wasn't told this by the Phone Person (not Tyson). I went for it anyway bcs I had my freak on for greek that day. All in all, Jersey will not disappoint in the GFE/PSE dept for the price of admission.
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