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Jan 26, 2010
As most now know, my preference is Asian delights therefore I have another one I will share with this community. Tag1141 can be hit and miss, their selection is quite extensive and sometimes very enjoyable.

I booked with this little lady called Maya. She is a very pretty, petite young lady, probably 19 to 20 years of age, 100lbs. spinner, with creamy white skin. She has a friendly demeanour and is an easy going young lady, maybe a little too laid back.

Considering the service was a safe GFE, $150.00 for the half hour I found a bit high. Much better value out there when it comes to the Asian agencies and indies. I more than likely will not be repeating unless with experience her menu improves.
Smooth said:
Thanks Jawbone her breasts are huge, they real?

Very good manmades smooth.

SandOnTheBreeze said:
Thanks for the review. Is she like the photo on their website (which seems fake to me)? How is her english?

She gets by with her English, but I wasn't there for conversation, especially considering I only booked a 30 minute quicky,

BT I am not a smartass, I just speak my mind! Your welcome!
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