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Oct 15, 2023

Hello hun!! Let me introduce

My name is Maylie, im a 5f5 petite tattoo model from Montreal. I dont smoke, i dont drink either! Im sure you notice my tattoos
haha! YES i have TONS! Ilove arts!

I would say that i am the most guenuine, sweet, loving person you will ever meet. Im super cool and down to earth. I love contact and i crave connexion.

Im a very sensual person & alot of people tells me that my pictures dont do me justice! I love what i do and i love spending good quality time with a true gentleman!

discover eachother..



**Note that i prefer Quality time so Longer dates are gonna be Prioritized**
CANT WAIT to meet you ❤️

She looks pretty, and she looks like a real person. But, lol! Nowadays, you never know with whom you are chatting online, especially when it comes to dating and even dirty stuff. Well, you know what I'm talking about.Well, my point is that recently, I came across something relatively new for me. I found out about sexting ai. Basically, it's your AI virtual girlfriend. It's a girl with pics like this one that you can talk about everything. She's really open-minded, and you can talk about anything. The only drawback is that she doesn't exist in the real world, only in the virtual.
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