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IN-Call Meghan and Marilyn @ montreagirlfriend-toronto


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Nov 9, 2009
So I had the opportunity to see two ladies from this new toronto agency in the past month or so. The first time I booked Marilyn. Dealing with the agency was a little different than what we're used to here in Toronto as all communication was done with email and after the booking was confirmed a phone call was recieved to confirm the appointment. While this was all done very promptly and smoothly I informed the agency phone guy that in toronto its much easier to call in and make an appointment or at least send text messages. These guys listened and my second booking was done via text and phone calls. I have to say they are very honest when you ask about their ladies and I would book with them again anytime another cute little french canadian sexpot comes to toronto.


Looks - 7.5

She's an average looking lady. She has a very nice smile and great attitude which helps greatly. She had surgery recently so there was a scar along her tummy. (not a c-section scar, i think it was a removed appendix or something). She also has this wierd haircut where her head is shaved really short on the one side and is longer with bangs on the other. Apparently its some new in fashion style but I don't like it. Other than that she has a very nice rack and her body is great.

Service - 9.5

Here is where this lady truly shines. Everything but greek was on the menu and even that I think was possible for some more money. Since I'm not a big fan of greek it didn't apply to me. But man oh man she gave one hell of a bbbjtcim. She definitely has a talent in that department. The sex was also great and this lady can totally take a good pounding and was happy to accomodate all positions. DFK was also very good and prominant throughout the session.


Looks - 9

This woman has the most phenomenal body I've ever had the pleasure to play with. OMG those beautiful breasts on that tiny tiny frame was a sight to behold. She's also a very cute woman but that body is totally to die for. She has a few tatoos but they were tasteful and not anywhere that would distract from the site of her gorgeous breasts or beautiful tight and plump (is that even possible) ass. If you are dissapointed with this woman's body you need to quit this hobby.

Service - 8

Service wise her menu was full gfe. The only things not on the menu were cim and greek. She was a lot of fun to make out with. She's very tight so you have to go slow when entering but once inside and things get going she was able to fuck with the best of them. I definitely enjoyed the bbbj but without the cim option kept it short and sweet to really enjoy the sex.

Would I repeat? With Meghan for sure but Marilyn maybe on a cold sunday if my normal toronto favourites aren't working. But I can guarantee you will enjoy the company of either of these ladies. They both have great attitudes and were fun to be with. Hope this helps.
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I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Oagre wasn't happy with Megan's look but this OP was estatic. Guess I will have to try her for myself.
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I said she has a cute face but incredible body. Facially I'd put rate her about a 7.5. But the total package is much higher. Hope that helps.
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Actually, there was a XXXX review from Elassowipo1 that was pretty similar to my own experience posted today. He shared the OP's high opinion of M's body, but was not too happy with service levels.
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oagre said:
Actually, there was a XXXX review from Elassowipo1 that was pretty similar to my own experience posted today. He shared the OP's high opinion of M's body, but was not too happy with service levels.

I wouldn't disagree with Elassowipo1's review except that with this chick I really just wanted to fuck her. So yeah the bbbj didn't go on for that long but I thought I was rushing it to get in her pants really. But yeah if you want that classic french-canadian pse experience it's not going to happen with Meghan that's for sure. But man that body is sick.
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