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IN-Call Melina @ Vixens WILD!!



Second time with Vixens.. another smooth booking.. no problem at all.. nice and perfectly clean and organised location..

Melina.. her pictures are pretty accurate.. she is not spinner, she just have few extra pounds.. but you wont even reliase that because she is tall! Lovely eyes.. great personality.. Amazing ass!!!! She is one wild looking friendly hot lady!!

DFK/LFK.... She is amazing kisser! aggrasive DFK!! loved it!! She is one of the best kisser i have seen so far!

BBBJ ..... another highlight! she definitely knows what she is doing and she is great at it! Few hands-free DT strokes were amazing!!

DATY/DIGITS ... Very responsive.. gets wet pretty quick! and directs you into right positins too .. perfectly clean and tasty!!

FS... Tried few positions.. and i loved deep stick with wild DFK!! she does enjoy any position!

Overall it was great session... I would see her again.. If you like wild looking super friendly lady she is the one for you!

Sorry its little bit shorter review than i usually write but its 5am now.. i am kind of sleepy and tired after this Amazon fighter wild lady! ;)
Re: Melina @ Vixens WILD!!

Nice review FF, I have had this hotty on the radar ever since I saw the pics, tried a few times to book her but she has always been booked solid. You have made me more committed now!
Re: Melina @ Vixens WILD!!

Very responsive.. gets wet pretty quick! and directs you into right positions too

My type of babe, thanks for the good review bud. Vixens has a couple of stars, seeing Ashley this afternoon and will report back ;)
Re: Melina @ Vixens WILD!!

sometimes...i hate coming on this site..cuz i end up reading these reviews... and get really enticed...especially considering that I dont see many ladies...but im getting addicted now....this is bullshit! lol
Re: Melina @ Vixens WILD!!

Nice review FF , I like the look of her bum in the pictures .
Is she a Canadian girl with the specified exotic family history ?
Did you have a 1 hour date . I'm guessing they don't do half hours .

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