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IN-Call Miley @ Maximum


Dec 7, 2009
Looks: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Rate: $250/hr
Repeat: Yes

I don't know why, but the last month, I have been in the mood to try new girls. The past few weeks, I have seen Kayla @ Select, Jewel @ DM and Mimi @ Sassy's. Was in the mood for someone new again and took a chance on Miley. Phone guy has always been honest with me as to whether he thinks I will like a girl or not.

First impressions, GND look, cute, nice eyes. She was wearing lacy lingerie and the heels in her photos (which she kept them on the entire time. Second girl in a row I've seen who has done that. I'm pretty indifferent towards it.) I would put her in the 21-23 age range. Slim and petite though her legs could use toning, but overall she has a nice body. Her breasts are probably her best feature. I don't like too big and hers are the size I like. Nice handfuls with responsive nipples.

She came off as shy at first, but once the clothes come off, she's quite the vixen in bed. Pretty much all the usual acronyms for GFE apply. DATY was very nice, she seemed to be enjoying it. Greek was available, but did not partake. May have to try it next time. She does like the sex really hard for those who are into that.

Says in her profile that her background is European, but she's been here a while and her English is good. No accent. She's pretty relaxed and conversation afterwards was nice.

I did not notice any tattoos. Good hygiene, not a clock watcher. Location was a downtown hotel.

Facially I would put her at the same level as Ellen @ Maximum but behind Courtney @ Mystique (retired) or Leslie @ TOG/Mystique.
forestgrumpy said:
Thanks for TOFTT Sand pictures looks like her legs are one of her best assets, what did you mean it needs toning and is she into kissing?.

I guess I'm used to seeing spinners for the most part. Her legs are not fat, just not perfectly toned. Overall she does have a nice body.

Kissing was nice and enjoyable, she's pretty aggressive in bed.
You did it again sandman with another informative and accurate review. Unlike Kirk I won't vote for you for TOFTT review, I have my own of Eva to vote for. :lol:
CallmeMatt said:
Kayla @ Select, Jewel @ DM and Mimi @ Sassy's and now Miley. You do get around Sand, who is next?.

I guess I do get around :oops: though I have not been hobbying anymore than usual, just lately I've wanted to see new girls. Normally, I stick to my regulars with the occasional new girl.

Hmm...who to see next. I'm thinking Hani @ TAG141 (don't trust the agency's photos, but I heard good things about her) or maybe Kayla @ Mirage ().
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