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Minx Companions Is Now HIRING. All Ladies welcome!!! BEST VIP RATES(250 per Hour- YOUR Cut) IN THE CITY!! SIGHNING BONUS!!

Minx Escorts

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Mar 5, 2012

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"The Sauciest Tail in Town!"
➡First Timers Must Call - then text anytime ⬅


Minx Companions is Now Hiring ⭐ ⭐

/SPRING is HERE Lets Make some $:wow:

Go HOME WITH 1000$ Guarantee!! if not we will put in difference.
Work with the best
We have a huge Rolodex of clients,
All Minx are 95% fully Booked every shift.
No games , or false promises, simply make your $ and go home drama Free..
Free Photo-shoot+ Accommodations
BEST VIP Rates In the CITY!!

220 -250 For YOU!
Call To Hear MORE!!

➡Give us a call to chat and I'm sure you will love what we have to offer.⬅
🙏Each Minx gets her own requests and concerns catered to her.🙏
We make sure each Minx gets the support to be successful

Lets start with a call/ TEXT
Send 3 pics please💋
Full body standing -Face-Sexy casual pls.
Privacy 100%
Call us or text @ 416-704-3583

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