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I see that Becky is here, so here is another contribution to this site.

While looking for DT artists Becky @ mirage was next. Saw her pics and knew what to expect. Apparently she only does 1 customer per day. Hey more power to me as don't have to deal with a burned out SP.

Downtown condo knocked on door and Becky greeted me with a nice kiss and hug. Attractive looking lady with beautiful bedroom eyes that made me drool. Into the bedroom small talk and found that she is quite intelligent. Off to the mandatory shower as JR was getting inpatient.

She was waiting lying down in the bed. Started some very passionate DFK for a good 5 minutes. She is a perfect kisser, great combo of enough tongue and lip action. Finally she worked her way to JR, started slowly then faster then deeper and deeper, faster and deeper. Holy shit this is amazing JR. PM's me. I was in heaven, then the slurping noise started to come out of her mouth, great eye contact.

Then my dream came true, she held it for over 10 seconds JR. was suffocating but demanded more. My hands when to her head to push it deeper and she went with the flow... Wait guys it gets better.

She then stopped and asked me to stand up. I said no fucking way ain't moving but she told me she can take it deeper if I stand up. JR. heard this and told me to shut up and just listen to her. Man it was wild, she took it deeper than anyone I've ever been with.

Asked her if CIM available, damn right she says I love it. Told her I would like to enter her pussy before I explode. Put her on the edge of the bed, put her legs way back and she loves that too. Couldn't take it anymore, out goes the sock and she takes it all. She didn't stop there, she sucked me dry for the next couple of minutes.

She asked for seconds. I said are you crazy I just met my quota for the week. Had great conversation afterwards and as I stated before she is a super smart, sophisticated and genuine person.

Would I repeat? 100 % for sure
Re: My Becky Review

Slitman said:
so this is the new hang out eh ?!

BT .. Becky is awesome is she not ?! Try a duo with her and Amanda !!!!
As I recall, you didn't 'try' one so much as I walked in with you and insisted.

And sorry, no, I haven't figured out greek yet. I'm thinking I'll ask Manda for help.

BT, thanks for letting me relive our session: I had a good time! I kinda wish we had been in a room with a mirror though...
Re: My Becky Review

Wow. You're the king of DT, BT.

Loved the review. You're obviously a twisted pig in your mind , but your reviews tell it all in an impressively
respectful way my friend.

I've been really wanting to see Becky, maybe even to re-live my Anna date. I'm strangely intimidated by her 'tho...I have no idea why. :?
Not like me at all. Maybe i should get my toe out of the water and just jump in the lake
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