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Niagara Falls My Fav Restaurants in the Falls


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Jan 15, 2010
This section needs a little action so I will post my fav fine dining restaurants in the Falls area:

1. Carpaccio
2. Hillebrand Winery Restaurant (very fancy and romantic, for a "special occasion")
3. Ristorante Giardino (Niagara on the Lake)
4. Yukiguni (Sushi)

Most restaurants near the Falls are $$$$ and touristy plus the parking is a problem. I tried that one across the street from Carpacio, Johny Rocco's, it was average and very drafty. I avoid Casa Mia, last time I went the salad was so oily I could change my engine 3X with it plus the food is $$$$ and not worth it IMO. Keg is OK if you want a steak. I am referring to the one in the Courtyard by Marriott, the one overlooking the Falls is a zoo and there is a long wait in season. I stopped by Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse in the Hilton and its $44.95/person and it is a glorified buffet where you get 12 choices of entrees they bring to your table plus 70 sides all you can eat. The buffet at the Fallsview is a good value if you like to eat massive amounts of average food but the parking is $10 unless you are going to gamble too.
Re: My Fav Restaurants in the Falls

There is a new Sushi Restaurant on Lundy's Lane Dorchester and Montrose Jade Garden or something like that. Hearing some excellent reviews of that bar myself.
Re: My Fav Restaurants in the Falls

The best restaurant in the falls and also one very under the radar is the AG located at the Sterling Inn and Spa. Totally a local gem. Awesome decor, great young chef and definitely a place to check out.
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