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IN-Call My first ever date with Grace


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Nov 25, 2009
Here's another one of my old reviews from last year.

Even though I rarely see a girl who isn't well-reviewed here on **** I was incredibly intrigued by the photos of on Dream Makers web site. And a throwaway comment by a respected ****ite in the Mercedes/Grace thread seemed to indicate that she was worth seeing.

So I bit the bullet and called up Dream Makers and made an appointment to see this fine Korean girl (and I'm sure she is Korean but to me she looked more like she was Chinese).

Got to the location and went in after getting the room number.

Knocked on the door and was let in and greeted by this young, somewhat tall, thin girl wearing a short evening dress. Took care of business first as I always like to do (saves from awkward moments later on IMO) and got undressed to take a shower. No kissing pre-shower which is something I'm used to from agency girls to RZ Asian incalls but whatever she's new to escorting.

Washed up and find her lying on the bed naked except for her heels which she kept on for the entire session! She looked very delectable from her smooth skin to ther perky Bs to her very tight looking shaved kitty (and it is as tight as it looks).

Joined her on the bed where she said, "Hi I'm Grace." "Hi I'm [Marvelboy]" which made me laugh. This led to some LFK/DFK and she's a very nice kisser, not aggressive at all. Very soft lips and she used her tongue expertly in my mouth. From this point the girl usually makes her way down my body but I thought I'd change it up and proceeded to kiss her neck and chest and start licking and sucking on her nipples.

Whoa! talk about being responsive. She starts writhing like a cat in heat and I ask her if her nipples are sensitive and she replies "Aren't all womens?" as if that was an affirmative. I actually answered, "Not all women." and went back to work. I started my way kissing and licking my way down to her navel and sides to the point where I was between her legs and spread them apart and lowered my head between her lovely thighs. I licked and kissed the inside of them and finally made my way to the wonderful sight in front of me. Her kitty looked so fresh and untouched, I just had to start tasting it and did.

DATY was another Whoa! moment as she started throwing all the pillows to the side and grabbing the sheets along with my hair and hands. I alternated with some light kissing to running my tongue along her slit and licking her clit. This got her very wet and I proceeded to tongue fuck her and get a taste of her delicious juices. Digits were allowed and well received.

Eventually she got soaking wet and moved my head up to stop me and I asked her if she had an O and her response was "I don't know did I?" which made me think that she probably didn't though she did also say "I don't think I've ever orgasmed in my life" which made me feel kind of sad.

Anyways she said, "My turn!" and I laid on my back and she started with some BLS and then into the BBBJ. I asked her to let me sit on the edge of the bed so I could see junior disappear inside of her mouth a bit better since her hair kept blocking my view.

Finally I had to be inside of her pussy and asked for the cover. On it came and we started in my fave position which is me standing with her lying on the edge of the bed and doing standing mish. Not only does it feel great but I loved watching myself thrusting inside this cute little minx. Moved in for some heavier pounding which she took well and to do some more DFK and licking of her nipples. Then moved her up on the bed (with her heels still on) and fucked her doggie. Amazing sensation and she's got a great butt too.

SOG in doggie. I laid down and she got a warm towel to clean me off. I then did something I've never done before which is extend my time to an hour (obviously I originally booked 30 minutes). She texted Dream and we chatted a little while waiting for their response. Very nice and friendly girl, though she comes across as somewhat naive I'm not sure if that's an act of some kind.

Got the go ahead and proceeded to make out and that's where I'll stop this portion of the review as we ended up doing things that I'm not going to mention here. Suffice it to say she provided me options that aren't on her menu on the website but it might totally be a YMMV thing as we seemed to have pretty good chemistry. I don't want to put this girl in a position where certain things are expected because I wrote about them. But in the end I got my 2nd SOG which is quite a feat for me these days.

I took another shower, chatted a little bit more while she changed into this hot halter and short shorts combo that made me want to call Dream and book her for the rest of the day


Face - 7/10 - Like I said she looks more Chinese than Korean, not that that's a bad thing, just making an observation. She's pretty but wouldn't necessarily turn my head if I saw her walking in a mall or anything.

Body - 8/10 - Dream lists her as 5'6" which is how tall I am but her shoes must have added another 2 inches or so. Her body kind of reminds me of porn star Evelyn Lin with a flatter stomach and being a bit more thin maybe. Great ass! I enjoyed myself caressing and kissing it.

Service - 8/10 - She is self-described as being new to the business so she's not quite the perfect GFE yet. BBBJ, DATY, DIGITS, MPOS, MSOG. While I enjoyed her BBBJ it didn't set my world on fire. Compared to girls like Eva, Juel, Korean Sara, Roksi, Trina and Gia she comes across as a so-so. I guess the easiest way to describe it is that it's very tame compared to other girls techniques. While they're pros her oral skills come off as a bit pedestrian. I hope I'm not sounding mean, I liked it but it is something she could improve on. She did get me really hot with the way she received DATY, DIGITS and me fucking her.

Damage - 160/half-hour, 240/hour - Standard Dream rates for incalls.

Repeat - YES - I mean I extended my time which is unheard of till now. Shit I wanted to fuck her again an hour later.
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