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IN-Call Mya Espinosa on the casting couch - the movie

DrAnus said:
Went to her website and says nothing about $160.00 special. How did you find out Smylee?

The stars aligned . I rarely check Craigslist but just stumbled on her add offerring $160/Hr so I jumped on it . It was too goode a deal to pass up .
Judge said:
First timer here and a very impressive review Smylee. How long does it take you to do the video?.

The server that the software is on really sucks . Probably takes half an hour to write the script and about 2 hours of waiting for
rehearsals to cycle through and then create the final print . I have a lot of fun creating these little accounts .
4Times said:
Hilarious Smylee. Thanks for the mention. I think 200 for the True GFE menu was a bargoon. Smylee, she gives a pretty great BBBJ.

Smylee she gives a great BBBJ na na na na na . Sure rub it in you fucker . Where's that stick the tongue out smiley (LOL) '

Ya well she gives a pretty good CBJ too :razz: .
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