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IN-Call Mzz Karly....milfy muffin


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Jan 5, 2010
BT123 requested a re-posting of this review so here it is. Enjoy:

A lttle while ago I saw Mz Karly in Mississauga. I've been with a number of young SP's but thought I should try the MILF thing to round out my experience.

It's weirdly sexy to walk up to a woman's house and ring the doorbell instead of an apartment or hotel room. Karly answered the door wearing black stockings, garter belt, tight mini skirt and a sheer black top (or something like that). She gave me a big hug and started with the DFK right away, running her hands over my body and pinching my nipples. She said it was her birthday so I thought I'd give her a few birthday spanks through the mini skirt. She's got a nice big ass, but it's tight and sexy.

She led me upstairs making sure I could see up her skirt on the way, and into the bedroom. I had a quick shower and came back to the room. She was on her hands and knees wearing just the garters and stockings, oh and librarian glasses. Some more DFK then she asked me to sit on the edge of the bed. She got on her knees and started teasing big time. Kissing chest,stomach thighs,balls, sucking side of shaft,back to balls, tip licking then finally she took the plunge.

I have been lucky and had some fantastic BBBJ in my short carreer and this was no exception. Wet and slurpy with amazing tongue action and BLS. Then she asked if I would mind holding her hair up for her and I suddenly realized this was simply for traction. I was pushing her head up and down with full DT and bonus gagging with llugh,llugh llugh sounds. She didn't come up for air for a long time and when she did she had a big smile with spit all over her face (at this point I would usually fast forward the DVD to the money shot ).

I stood up and she went down for more of same then started doing something with her mouth, my head, her hand and maybe a blender, I'm not sure, but i was losing it. "Do you want to cum in my face?"...sure, what the hell. Seconds later Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam were all over her chin, mouth and cheek. "Mmm, tastes good" she said,licking her lips ( I know it tastes like a bad oyster, but still nice to hear)

The we chatted, had a glass of wine until she got up and gave me a nice dance. Then standing on her knees on the bed, leaning back she gave me an outstanding pink show. I crawled over and started DATY where she rocked, talked dirty and shivered. I came up and my face looked like I was ready for a Hockey Night in Canada interview, dripping with sweat and other non specific fluids. I lay back and she went nuts with new and improved BBJ manoevers toward SOG #2. I never got FS cuz oral was just too good.

Overall, a classy lady who really knows how to treat a man. She looks about 10 years younger than her stated 52 yrs and is all about your satisfaction - nothing else. The only neg for me was that I really didn't get off on the whole MILF concept. She's just a year or two older than me so instead of the fantasy of doing one of your Mom's friends (my mom is 84) it was more like doing one of the ladies in my wife's book club(who just happened to give head like a crazed nymphomaniac)..but that's just me. Karly is an awesome woman and I'm sure that any of you , especially the younger ones, would have an experience to remember.

My dance card now tentatively looks like this: Alize next week (bet ya didn't see that one coming), repeat with Layla's tits..I mean with Layla, then duo with Sophie and Mia. And then you're all invited to the funeral.
Re: Mzz Karly....milfy muffin

Careful Olayda, you are giving BT a woody with the review. If your doorbell starts ringing don't answer it! :lol:

I agree she is a very sexy Milf with an awesome strippers body.
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