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Name Best Steak in TO

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topgunwilly said:
Try Zorros on Torbram Road in Brampton, great steak, and after dinner you can pop on over to Million dollar Saloon to see some boobies !!!!

Now a smart hobbyist, thinking ahead. Well done ;)
Re: Name Best Steak in TO

Harbour Sixty. This is a very beautiful and classy restaurant. Definitely in Toronto's Top 10. Newly renovated. And I have NEVER seen such a selection of steaks and different cuts as in this place. Expensive but exquisite. As a bonus to the night that I dined there, the Stanley Cup was brought into the restaurant and we were able to take pictures with it. Too cool!
Re: Name Best Steak in TO

I used to love Carman's but now it's closed. :cry:

Barbarian's is great and at Ruth's Chris you're always guaranteed to have a great steak.

If you don't mind a less upscale place, The Tulip is super too. It's in the east end by Coxwell and Queen.
Dapperdon said:
Chloe ...try the lobster bisque and the blue cheese/tomatoe/onion salad ..chop house has a nice take on the same salad but with a raspberry touch that is top notch

Will least the lobster bisque. I'm not a fan of blue cheese though. I even find the blue cheese dressing on the Morton's salad a little strong. :-(
zorro's has the best garlic bread, that's for sure.

i've always liked barberians, they were the only steakhouse in the 1970's that let you eat without having to worry about a dress code.

jacob's is pretty good, lots of diff cuts, and they've reduced their prices a bit too from early last year, sign of the times. also love their ceasar salad made fresh at your table.
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