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REVIEW Nancy@Serenity Spa---Funny Session


Dec 1, 2009
This funny massage session that I had took place in late July of 2009. As far as I know this spa is still in business as of February 2010 and I believe Nancy still works there. I've already made a total fool of myself here on HUBGFE:razz:. I'm sure this massage review won't help my cause any:).
I'll try my best to keep this review as short and to the point as possible. I happened to be in the Yonge/Eglinton area today doing some errands.

I find myself walking past this MP called Serenity Spa. I don't think they have a website so I'll give you guys the spa's exact address.

Serenity Spa 2578A Yonge Street---3 traffic lights N of Eglinton Ave. Phone number 647 282 8965.

Anyway I go in there expecting to find a typical homely woman who usually work in these 2nd to 3rd tier MPS.

However who greets me at the door but this hot looking late 20's hottie from China who speaks very little English but has a lovely little spinner type body just the way I like it.

So I pay Nancy the $40 door fee. Nancy was the only one in the spa as it was not busy at all. I then point to my Dick and make a jerking like motion. I honestly wasn't sure if this spa gave releases or not? If it was one of those RMT places I would have asked for my $40 back and hit the road.

It was like an Abbott and Costello movie as I was trying to communicate with Nancy literally in sign language as her English was practically non-existent.

To make a very long story short I wind up giving her a $40 tip in advance. I'm naked as a jaybird by this time and point to my dick and balls and say to Nancy I hope that you give me a nice massage:) . She nods in agreement.

Nancy is wearing a sexy halter dress. Nancy is about 5'5 around 110 lbs give or take. Nancy has a pretty face and nice hair. She keeps her dress on but lets me look at her waist a few times as I have a lean abs fetish. Nancy does have flat abs but she kept pulling her dress back up. Oh well, you can't win them all.

This is the point where things get a little weird. Normally I'm quite shy in real life but not with Nancy. Nancy starts giving me a nice hard massage while I'm on my stomach and rubs my shoulders nicely. All of a sudden I put my ass up in the air and I exclaim "Nancy please squeeze my balls as hard as you can." Nancy not only does this but starts giving me an awesome PM as well. My body is literally shaking with excitement. I'm getting these tingly pleasurable feelings all over my body. It was awesome.

I'm still on my stomach at this point and I ask Nancy to start playing with the tip of my dick. She does this in a sexy and teasing way. I'm like the porn director and Nancy is the willing pupil. Nancy had her dress on the whole time so I guess this made her a little bit more uninhibited about giving me a PM and squeezing my balls etc. PM=Prostate massage by the way.

Finally it's time for the flip. Nancy immediately starts giving me a vigorous HJ with lots of oil. I nicely tell Nancy to slow down a bit. Nancy then starts rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples. That started making my whole body tingly again. Nancy is a great tease but needs a lot of instruction. Thank goodness I've read enough massage reviews on different boards too know that depending on the MPA sometimes the client has to request what he wants. I was making a lot of requests believe me.

Even though we had about 5-10 minutes left in our half an hour session; Nancy again goes right for my dick again and tries to finish me off once and for all. Again I remove Nancy's hand gently and instead have her massage my inner thigh. Nancy does a great job at doing this.

Finally by this point my dick was so hard that I thought I was going to explode. Nancy again tries to finish me off while I'm lying on my back.

I don't know what got into me. I get off the table totally naked with a full erection and guide Nancy to the mirror. They have a big mirror in the room I was in.

I put Nancy's hand on my dick and have her finally jerk me off right in front of the mirror. Nancy said in her broken English " please don't cum on the floor." I obeyed Nancy instructions and shot a big load of cum right on the massage table standing up. The massage table had a lot of towels covering it. So I guess it was extra laundry for Serenity Spa that night.

In conclusion I had a great time at this spa even though Nancy kept her clothes on the entire time. This session wound up costing me $80

If Nancy wasn't so attractive looking I probably wouldn't have stayed. I guess I got lucky for once. Nancy is quite a sexy little cutie. I would have loved to have seen her naked but I still had a great time.

For an average looking white guy in my late 40's sometimes I sure get a bad case of Asian fever.
" please don't cum on the floor." I obeyed Nancy instructions and shot a big load of cum right on the massage table standing up. The massage table had a lot of towels covering it. So I guess it was extra laundry for Serenity Spa that night.

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