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Nov 10, 2009
If there's one thing I love it's a sexy and feminine Russian kitty cat. That's why I jumped at the chance to take Exquisite's special today to see Natalie. I got myself to the nice condo downtown and when the door opened I thought it could be Evelyn's sister - which was a great thing! Natalie has beautiful light brown/redish dyed hair and the green tiger eyes that hypnotized me right from the start. She greeted me with a kiss and gave me some red wine to warm me up. Took a quick shower and when I cam out there she was lying on the bed with nothing but a lacey bra and panties. Her body is probably one of the best I have ever seen, not an ounce of fat on this girl. There is only one way to describe her breasts - MAJESTIC. Natural, beautiful big breasts. We started with LFK and a little DFK and I loved caressing her silky smooth skin all over. I licked and sucked on nipples and then started kissing my way down her fit and toned body. When I arrived at her kitty it was one Krasivaya(beautiful) Kitty! I had to compliment her on this and she laughed. Then I went town, and was probably down there for almost 10 minutes, licking and sucking her clean shaven lips. She was very responsive and I had her twisting and turning. Then she took me for a really nice BBBJ. Her style is not so much DT but she changes up her techniques alot and uses just enough HJ with BBBJ and it feels great. She also looked up at me with those eyes and used lots of saliva to great visual effect. We then put the cover on and started with CG. Just like her duo partner Evelyn she is great in this position, and knows her to raise her hips up and down on me with increasing speed it was great. Then we go to doggie in front of the mirror. The view of her gorgeous bum and lithe body in this position was awesome. She was very active her, pulling away just enough until I was almost out and then back into me repeatedley, very sexy. The I picked up the pace and she lowered down we could do it "Like they do it on the discovery channel" - or the Lion and lioness position. We switched to Mish and alternated doing it soft and slow and then hard and fast. She is very skilled in all positions and knows how to make them more than elementary. Even in mishe she hooked her legs around mine to enclose us and the result was a back and forth locomotion effect that brough me to my first SOG.

We have some red wine and talk about our thoughts on love, sex and the hobby. She then looks at me and looks at junior and says let's see if we can get him to wake up! She gets me stiff again with BBBJ before I go back to her kitty for more DATY then we start again in CG, and then again in doggie and we are going at it really fast problem the damn condom is irritating me and interfering. She takes off the condom and tells me lay down. She rests her legs over mine and then bends down to give me a great BBBJ with some HJ simultaneaously. She keeps going and going and brings on a great BBBJCIM finish with a little on her chin. Wow, that was great, I am spent. She cleans me up and I think we are going to chill with just 5 minutes left and then I have to go. But no. She says we have just enough time to get me off a 3rd time! 3rd time? This would be a record for me in 60 minutes. I did not think it was possible but se said let's try, and went right back to another BBBJ. It was great and felt so nice but junior was taking way too much time and I told her she is amazing, and Junior needs a nap.

Showered, kissed her good bye and told her how excited I would be at a possible duo with her and Evelyn. Went off on my way.

Overall, I must say she is an attractive lady with an absolutley smoking body, an cheerful and warm personality, very very skilled in bed and leaves you feeling like a king. The perfect way to have my last session for the year!
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