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Nov 6, 2009
TorontoStarlets has had me curious for a while now, but I have always stayed away due to lack of reviews on the boards and rumors of B&S.

I noticed Tyson has been responding to threads on another site and seems to genuinely want to turn this agency around, so I decided to give the man a shot.

I called last week to inquire about one of the ladies he had on schedule. I didn't tell him who I was, just called and asked about Katrina's menu and mentioned I like real GFEs. He responded in a very friendly and helpful manner and explained to me that Jersey would be better suited for my menu requirements. Unfortunately the available time and my schedule would not permit a visit so I passed on that day. Although the fact that he was honest with me, I decided I would try again on the weekend.

I called on the weekend to inquire about either Natalie or Angela, but I must say, this time the phone girl was not so helpful. She told me she would not discuss services, which kind of put me off. I decided to send an email and hoped that it would reach Tyson. Explained to him I want to book one of the ladies but I want to know the menu. With in minutes my blackberry went off and Tyson replied telling me either lady would do the job. We proceeded to set up the appointment via email and Natalie it was in the Airport area.

Now time for the meat and potatoes.

Natalie is a young girl, no more than 19 years old. Pictures are correct, no B&S with Natalie. She is a curvy young woman. Big round booty, nice thick legs and facially pretty. Actually for the pooners that like the kitty natural with a little bit of a bush, Natalie is it. I have been so use to bald kitties, this was actually a nice change, although I do prefer bald kitties. If you are into slim and tight, then Natalie is not for you.

Service wise she was definitely a GFE. DFK, DATY, DIGITS, BBBJ, FS. This was her first week if not her first few days. This made it more fun, and she was taking instructions like a champ. Especially on the BBBJ, I would switch from laying down, to standing up and she would just open wide and take it in. Inexperienced yes, but very co-operative and friendly. After we were done she went in to take a shower, which is reassuring to see.

Damage was as advertised, 30 minutes for $130.00. Pretty good deal.
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Re: Natalie@TorontoStarlets

I do like curvy ladies! ![/quote]

Yea tell us something we don't know. ;)

Great review Rayden you always find new babes for us.
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