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IN-Call Olivia Ray @ TIE Review


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Dec 8, 2009

This lady has been in my sights for a while and I finally had to see her. Olivia clearly states that her preferred method of communication is by phone (I prefer email but no problem). I should state here that I respect a lady that doesn't answer her phone during a session so I was quite happy with her text message reply later. After a few messages I did get to talk to Olivia, she is a delight to talk to so I knew our session would go well. We did work out the details and set the date (She does prefer to advance book which works for me).

As nature would have it a snow storm slowed me down but communicated easy between us for up to date where abouts. Being 15 min late wasn't a problem since this was a 2 hr session. No security issues entering the building and was at her doorstep in minutes. She works out of a nice downtown condo.

I was impressed by Olivia's pictures as I like the MILF type, but in person she is just as captivating. She does have a really hot curvey MILF type body where shes well endowed with sexy legs and a great booty. We had lots of time to have some wine and get acquainted which was a pleasure listening to that deep sexy voice. Breaking me out of my trance she suggested we adjorn to the boudour. Shower was offered but mutually agreed not necessary (I had it just prior to arrival).

Next thing I know we were in the bedroom and she's clothesless, I seem to be overdressed so she made quick work of stripping me down with my clothes flying over the place.

As far as menu's go, there isn't one listed in her website and for just reason, everything is ymmv based on attitude, cleanliness and comfort level but generally she is open minded. I'm easy going and We did click so our activities covered everything that I wanted including lots of DFK(remember ymmv). She does enjoy sex so we did have a great time with Daty well recieved and lots of positions, etc.

I don't normally get into any deep discussions but Olivia is a very easy lady to talk to. This was a great memorable session for sure. I was disappointed when the time was up, time for a shower and off I went weak in the knees.

Repeat - Yes.
My impression of TIE is that their sp's are generally 30+ yrs. Am I off base? Has anybody been successful booking a young, fresh, spinner type over there recently?
She does enjoy sex so we did have a great time with Daty well received and lots of positions, etc.

What else can a man ask for thanks GD for another of your patented reviews.
Guido said:
Excellent, I have seen her pics and was curious about her. Actually I was thinking about the duo she offers. Thanks for the info.
She duos with Bridgette St.John and I also will consider this duo in the future.

mynameismo said:
A graceful review GD multiple positions available.
Yes, there was multiple positions.

Rayden said:
Bang on review GDL, I had the pleasure of this lady a while back, bubbly and great service is what I remember.
Very good short description, bubbly and great service.

Hugh said:
Very good review GDL like her smile and boby, are her breasts real?.
Her breasts are definitely real and she is well endowed.

clintE said:
Nice review GD, I assume 2 SOG were in order during your 2 hour event..
Yes, msog was offered. I managed 1 sog and was working on another but frankly I wasn't up for it, she was quite willing to satisfy.

anger said:
My impression of TIE is that their sp's are generally 30+ yrs. Am I off base? Has anybody been successful booking a young, fresh, spinner type over there recently?
Most are around the 30 year mark, I see a couple of them around 25 as well. Please note that TIE is not really an agency, its more TIE is the advertisers for the group of independant ladies.

billdong said:
Good review GDL what was your most memorable part of your session with TIE.
For me the entire feel of the session is important, getting to know Olivia was important as getting close made sex so much better, making out with her was quite memorable for sure.

neverenoughsex said:
Another great review, you bring out the best of the Indis how do you do it.
Senor Gomes said:
Calm and smooth your middle names GD your Karma must be enormous like your approach when you see a SP.
Relaxed approach and put the lady at ease is good to start, but I make a real effort for the lady to enjoy herself as well makes my sessions go well.

forestgrumpy said:
Very nice review Gd a must see type of SP you are the King of Indi finders for us.
I do prefer indy's as I can have direct contact with them either by email or phone. This allows me to let them get a good vibe of me before we meet, the sessions are more successful for both of us that way.

Rock said:
Nice writing material wish I can write like that, wish I can see SP as much as you do.
Times change through life, there was a time in the last few years I had no time for SPs, lately I have had more time, but alas looks like I will be getting busier and my hobbying will diminish again. BTW I don't hobby nearly as often as many others.
Lexusdriver said:
Superb method of writing you most come from a sophisticated background, were were you raised GD.

Actually I was raised in Toronto. My jobs have required me to write reports for customers in clear and concise format on factual researched content. Sometimes my writing can get borring, but I promise to always write on the facts as I see it (I try to be objective). I do also make sure that I don't get too explicit as its important to me to not offend the lady I write about.
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