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Nov 16, 2009
I saw her when she was with G Spot but it seems nothing has changed in her service levels.

Summary first ;

140/hh . Nice DT Hotel . Booking - efficient -

Looks - Hot
Service -Hot
Attitude - Excellent
Hygiene - Excellent

Those that appreciate an SP being appreciated read on .

The Lovely Raven

Made the call to the friendly GSPOT
Asked to hook up today with someone hot
Was told there were two that I might enjoy
I chose Raven to get the Smylee meat toy

Met this tall, lean,sexy, beautiful lass
Long legs that met perfectly at her cute ass
She gave that sexy and foreshadowing smile
Oh I knew I'd be lingering around that sexy mouth awhile

Made the donation of 140 per half hour
Quickly got naked and went for my shower
Gave the general some extra wash and scrubbing
To prepare him for the the oral and pussy drubbing

I came out from the bath not quite dry
Raven was naked and what a treat for the eye
She has a body that is allergic to fat
Oh if only there was a way to bottle that

I had to wrap her in my hungry arms
A nice big hug to help unleash her charms
She felt so nice and warm against my dick
How lucky am I to be soon fucking this chick

Our lips met lightly then her mouth slowly parted
Our tongues entwined , they danced and then it started
The DFK was warm wet and nothing held back
Almost got last in the passion and didn't want to lose track

Nice natural titties that were much fun to suck on
Nice moans from my girl none of the "they're so sensitive" put on
Since we were still standing and the general was now hard
I told my sweet Raven its time for her to suck the bard

Slowly she slid down till on her knees she was
Sucking in my hard cock till her lips touched fuzz
Oh my what a wonderful cocksucker this sweetie is
Focus was going to be needed to avoid a premature jizz

My growing shaft was finding the back of her throat
I have to say you must excuse me while I gloat
Not every day Smylee lets the general out of his tent
To be sucked bareback by a beauty who won't relent

I like variety so I got her to lay on the bed head over side
The plan was a throat fuck so through her mouth I did slide
What a good provider she is as she swallowed all
Having sex with this pleasing nymphette is truly a ball

I was feeling really good about my new found friend
And had the urge to give some attention to her end
I moved my head to where my tongue would find wet
Her sweet fresh pussy is some of the best you can get

She liked receiving the repeated lashings as my tongue did linger
It made me extra hot as she slid down her hand to apply a finger
I really had the feeling the hot girl was enjoying my attention
She was going with the flow and there was never a no or pretension

I was getting mesmerized by her sweet little ass
So shapely, beautifully formed and smooth as glass
Suddenly I thought of that famous contest run by Tim
You don't always win a prize but its fun to roll up the rim

I was like a lion with the low growls enjoying his meal
The object of my desire serving it up with youthful zeal
I explored some naughty things with this charmer but time was nigh
We had to move forward so Smylee could be squirting guy

I caught a little breather and told her time for my fuck
There was that naughty grin to say Smylee your in luck
She grabbed the dome barely missing a beat
A few more hot licks before she wrapped her treat

I watched as the general slowly filled up her hole
She lept lowering herself till totally impaled on my pole
She does the cowgirl like she grew up riding a horse
So much pleasure but it was time for my main course

I positioned this sweetie kneeling on the bed
Standing behind I inserted and went full speed ahead
What a wonderful view as the general pounded the pink
Grabbed her slim hips to slow down as I approached the brink

I must confess this doggee fucking felt way to good to cum
It was hypnotic looking at her beautiful back and delectable bum
I managed to stop the impending big bust
Burying my cock inside her satisfied my lust

I was feeling like one more position with this dish
Took out my swollen cock and flipped her to mish
This was so nice as I could see those beautiful eyes
A nice time was being had ,no lows , just highs .

I slowed down the action so there was shallow penetration
Relishing in my luck to fuck such a pleaser from her generation
Once again the lovely Deep French Kissing began with my lover
She soon agreed to surrender me her mouth and we'd lose the cover

She eagerly proceeded to give my cock a deep sucking
I laid her on her side and her face I started fucking
With her mouth occupied Raven likes to rub her snatch
I was briefly envious thinking of the man who snares this catch

With her sexy cocksucking I approached that moment of surrender
With her skills Raven is a champ well above contender
She prepared herself so Smylee came without a care
Being a gentlemen I never want to get goo in their hair

Yes when its good the toes do curl
Raven proved to me that she is a special girl
Like few others she turns back the hands of time
Her mission to sex you so good you think "Ah sublime" .

I almost never repeat and my limit is half hour
Once again I’ve succumbed to a girl who has pussy power
Planning another visit to the latest addition as a fave
It's going to be an hour as she's turned me into a lust slave

As fun as it was I know this is not a match in heaven made
But clearly it can be called a real nice day in the sex trade
Ravens heat and talent made me feel like a stallion
I was told it helps if you can honestly say " Yo I'm Italian "
Re: Original Raven - Sexy girl

FunnyFace said:
Smylee you are making me jealous with too many great review! Raven is an amazing girl!

LOL . FF if anyone is getting jealous it's me . Seems like you are going through most of the starting line up fo SP's
in TO.
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