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IN-Call Pamela @ Exquisite JACKPOT!!!!



Your eyes are okay.. you are seeing her right! She is that hot!

Another amazing lady from Exquisite.. I cant keep myself away from Exquisite too long.. Pamela is the 4th lady i saw from EXQ and all my experiences were amazing.. But i will put this lady in different place.. Pamela is amazing lady... Because i had my best EXQ experience with her.. She is very sweet lady.. She is pure LADY... at least with me.. I did hear some words about her for being cold.. But if This amazing woman is cold.. I know nothing about being with woman.. She is the most friendly, warm lady i have met. She has amazing attitude and amazing personality.. Incredible eyes!!! amazing body.. beautiful face.. She is %100 perfect woman... After my session with this unbelievible lady i felt like i did hit the jackpot!! I think i called Vanessa 3 times to thank her.. lol..

So far Pamela is at the top of the best kisser in my list... I think we did spend first 15 mins with just kissing.. There is nothing i could say she wasnt good anyway...

Arrived location.. Knocked the door.. door opened.. and there is a gorgeous blond woman smiling.. Words just got stuck in my throat.. couldnt say a word... Finally i came back to earth and said Hi.. lol.. yea just HI.. then very warm hug and kiss..she took my hand and took me to the room.. offered drink.. i took shower while Pamela was getting our drinks.. when i cam into the room.. she was waiting in the room with our drinks. had little chat.. then long..amazing DFK started.. like i said it was at least 15 minutes of DFK.. well i did really like couple times she tried to move on from kissing but i stopped her and kept her kissing... It was amazing.. so finally she managed to get away from kissing.. made her way down.. started her passionate bbbj.. eye contacts.. hands free.. deep.. all of it... her tongue was good at bbbj too.. i pulled her back up.. for more DFK... I just couldnt get enough.. DFK while she is on top.. DFK i am on top.. DFK side by side.. so on...

Well it was time to have dessert of the day.. i was on top of her.. moved down slowly.. 34Bs were so firm and sweet.. very sensitive nipples.. very soft skin.. She went crazy on daty... pillows were flying around.. i had to hold her hips.. lol.. when Daty combined with digits ( she is soooo tight ).. she got so wet.. i mean wet... she put her legs over my shoulders and push my face all the way in.. she sure was enjoing it so much... i kept going until make sure she had few intense....... when she was done for few times.. returned to her passionate BBBJ... cover comes on.. CG.. like i said she is so tight... almost impossible to hold it too long.. had first SOG with CG... kept our breath.. for few seconds.. then relaxed.. cleaned up.. had very funny chat for a while.. i was keep cutting her words for more kiss.. i really couldnt get enough..

More intense DFK woke up the FF Jr.. another passionate bbbj followed.. turned to 69.. this took for a while.. we both sure had no problem in 69 to keep it going.. another cover came on... followed mish for a while.. of course i was still kissing her.. i had to slow down for awhile because she is unbelievibly tight.. i didnt want to end 2nd SOG too quick... switched to Doggie... WHAT A VIEW!!!!! and we were still trying to kiss while in doggie.. she is just amazing kisser.. Next time i will book her for couple hours and just kiss her for an hour next hour for FS.. had 2nd SOG in doggie.. it was more intense than first one... cleaned up again.. had some more drinks.. talked a bit.. we had like 5-10 mins left.. She asked for 3rd SOG.. in 5 mins? no way... if i could cut down on DFK i could easily have 3 SOGs in an hour with this amazing lady.. took another shower.. came back to the room.. kissed her She said you like kissing dont you? i said who doesnt like to kiss a lady like yourself.. Honestly she is amazing!!! kisser... Time to leave.. another warm hug and good bye kiss from this beautiful lady..

Pamela will be seeing me very soon!! I am sure she will have fastest repeat record from me... Gents treat this pure lady well.. i wish we could have more beauties like Pamela....
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