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IN-Call Pamela @ Exquiste - one hot body

Re: Pamela @ Exquiste - one hot body

theman said:
Fuck smilee give a guy a break. I have work to do and I can't log off, your videos are funny and addictive :D

LOL . No worries there's nothing in the works right now . Well maybe one more to share and that's it for at least a few days .
Re: Pamela @ Exquiste - one hot body

smylee52 said:
Beenthere123 said:
Thanks Smylee, I've still to see Pamela. Can't wait till I do, another great review.


BT123 she is a real treat . I'd bump her up your TDL .

You are not the only one that has said that bud. She will see jr soon, trust me

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