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IN-Call Past Review - 2nd Date with Gia


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Nov 25, 2009
A review of my favourite session with Gia which was a birthday present to myself at the time.

So it was my birthday and I thought what should I treat myself to? A new watch? DVDs? Clothes? Gia from The Office.... perfect! I had such a great first date with her that I'd been counting the days to when her and I could meet again.

So called up Office, guess I spoke to Kareena and made the appointment. Drove out to a hotel near the airport, waited for the go ahead and went up to the room.

Knocked on the door and was let in. Gia was waiting for me wearing a sexy, mini-dress. She looked like she was going to some gala at TIFF and looking to hook up with some star but unfortunately she was only going to fuck me

Gia recognized me, "Long time no see! Thanks for booking me again."
"My pleasure, I had a great time with you last time"

LFK starts at this point, such a great kisser. I told her it was my birthday and that she was my present to myself. She seemed flattered and this time a very deep DFK ensued with her tongue buried deep in my mouth. At the same time I fondled her cute little ass thru the dress and then lifted the bottom up to grab her bare cheeks. I love touching this young woman's ass!

I break away to take care of business and to start undressing for my shower. She said, "Let me undress you" and she did. Unbuttoned my shirt, DFK, undid my belt, DFK, slid my boxers down, DFK. Actually it was funny as my shorts were halfway down my legs and here I was Frenching this cutie in this situation. Anyways finally got them and my socks off and headed for the shower.

Came out, dried off and saw Gia waiting for me. I had earlier told her I loved black lingerie and that it was lucky for me that she happened to be wearing a sexy black bra and panties set. She led me to the chair in the room and sat me down. Then she straddled me and leaned in for some more DFK, broke away to lift her dress off so I could she her in her bra and panties. Very nice! DFK resumed and I unhooked her bra and licked and sucked her very prominent nipples. At the same time I was running my fingers along her kitty and ass.

Got up and moved her over to the bed, she thought she was going to suck my cock at this point but I had other ideas. I turned her around and pushed her onto the bed so that she was standing but leaning forwards. I brought the footrest that was in front of the chair and sat on it while I licked Gia's ass, cheek to cheek. I pulled her thong to the side and went straight to rimming her cute little anus. Moans of pleasure emerged from her mouth. "You like getting rimmed baby? "Yeah I love when you lick my asshole!"

I slid her panties off finally and spread her ass cheeks and vagina to see that this girl was sopping wet. Turned her around and had her sit on the bed while I started sucking her toes and licking her feet. She was really into this as was I. She laid down on the bed while I had her feet in my mouth and started rubbing her pussy (after getting her fingers wet in her mouth). I asked her to put a finger in her pussy and she did. I then asked her to put two fingers in her pussy and she did. So while I was worshipping her feet she's finger-fucking herself with two fingers jamming her sweet kitty.

I couldn't take it anymore and had her take her fingers out so I could replace them with my own fingers. I got two fingers into her super-slick pussy and started finger-fucking her myself while tonguing her clit. She's really fucking tight and her pussy tastes so good. I then pulled my fingers out and just used my mouth and tongue to pleasure this girl. I must have spent a good 10 to 15 minutes between eating her pussy and rimming her ass.

She pulled me up to the bed and laid me down and kissed my glazed face and tasted herself on my tongue. "Your turn sweetie" she said as she made her way down my body. Spent some time biting my nipples which hurt more than it felt good which she apologized for. Made her way down to my stomach till she placed her face in front of my jewels and started to suck them into her mouth, it was like having a hoover attatched to my balls, very intense. She then made her way up to my dick, licked the head a little and put junior all the way into her mouth. Great BBBJ ensued. I told her I like it wet and to spit on my cock which she did, it was so hot! Did a little bit of DT in there as well.

I flipped her over and mounted her face and proceeded to FF her and she took it like a champ. My cock was rock hard and I needed to be inside of her stat. Cover came on and I pulled her to the edge of the bed while I stood and slid myself inside of her. I love seeing junior do the old in and out especially in a kitty as cute as Gia's. I alternated watching myself inside of her pussy to leaning in for DFK and sucking on her nipples. I then flipped her over and got on the bed to fuck her in doggie!

The visual of seeing my cock inside of her pussy while staring at her asshole was so good. I even rubbed her anus with my thumb for good measure. I took my member out and rubbed it on her anus. "Please only my pussy!" I apologized and assured her I was only rubbing it there and had no intention of putting it in. While I was pounding her from behind I alternated with grabbing her ass (with some light spanking), her hips, shoulders and some light pulling of her hair (YMMV).

Finally I wanted to cum and asked her where I could do it and she said "Anywhere you want birthday boy!" So I placed myself near her face and jerked off until I came all over it. Total YMMV so I don't know if it's offered to everyone. She then cleaned off my dick with her mouth and I laid down to recover from my first SOG.

Made some small talk and she's such a nice and charming girl. I started part two with some more DATY and rimming which lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. Junior recovered enough to where she did some more BBBJ. MPOS during oral including FFing her, 69 with digits, her lying on the edge of the bed while her head hang at the edge and I mounted her mouth.

No FS during part two and I was having trouble with 2nd SOG but Gia is a champ and wouldn't let me leave without getting it out of me. So she's kneeling in front of me sucking me off and I finally get my 2nd shot out and still had about 5 minutes left.

More small talk as I take some time to recover and then took a shower, got dressed and left with some more DFK as a parting gift.

RATINGS - Not much different than our first date

Face - 9/10 - Asian, Chinese I think. Japanese have a word for cute called KAWAII and she epitomizes that. Behinder her cute kitten looks is a total minx! Oh yeah she has some acne but nothing that detracts from her attractiveness.

Body - 8/10 - Nothing new to add so to quote my first review "I'd say about 5'4" to 5'5" so about my height. Lean and a bit soft with a fairly flat stomach with perky mouthful breasts and nice roundish smooth ass." BTW she looks great taking it in doggie!

Service - 9.5/10 - LFK/DFK, DATY, DIGITS (YMMV), BBBJ/DT, MPOS, COF (very much YMMV). That .5 comes from 2nd SOG which I honestly believed wasn't going to happen. She has this awkwardness that is very cute but it slowly dissolves as the session and sex progresses but at the same time it pops up every once and again when you least expect it. I find it very endearing.

Damage - 250/Hour - Standard Office rates.

Repeat - YES - When I can. I thought my birthday would be a good time to take a sabbatical from hobbying but I couldn't ask for a better girl or session than Gia to send me off for a while.
Judge said:
What was the best part of your session MB. DATY and rimming for 15 minutes or doing her from behind with the light spanking.

Of the two.... I'd say doing her from behind, it's a great view. Overall I love her BBBJ more than anything else.
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