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IN-Call Past Review - Alize of Mirage (formerly DM)


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Nov 25, 2009
Another 2009 review of Olayda's GF, Alize. At the time I saw her she was with Dream Makers but now is affiliated with Mirage. Would love to see her again sometime.

I was in the mood for a bit of afternoon delight so fired up the computer to look at who was working north of the 401.

Well well..... looks like Alize of DM is working up in Markham. She's intrigued me with the generally positive reviews she's gotten here, particularly by reviewers I respect so I decided to give her a try.

Called Ron and set up the meeting (for whatever reason I find male operators easier to talk to and far more efficient than the women callers I've dealt with). Got to the hotel, got the room number and up I went.

Knocked on the door and was greeted by a pretty blonde GND who reminded me of both Heather Graham and Alicia Silverstone, though more Heather than Alicia.

On a side note - those of you who've seen Alize's photos when she showed her face will probably know what I'm talking about.

Alize was wearing a very subtle and classsy black cocktail dress and had on some light makeup, the highlight being the red lipstick she was wearing. I introduced myself with a handshake and she took my hand and then leaned in for a light kiss. I dropped the envelope on the dresser and she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in for some LFK (with her heels she's a bit taller than me). Broke away and told her I'd like to shower.

Cleaned myself up and was met with the lovely sight of Alize in her cute brown bra and panties set waiting on the bed for me. I climbed on the bed and made some chit-chat and leaned in for some LFK which led to DFK. I then lowered the cup of her right breast and was surprised to see a nipple piercing!

"May I?"

"Be my guest"

I took her nipple, piercing and all, into my mouth and ran my tongue over it, alternating with some light sucking. I asked her if she had a matching one on the left, "why don't you see for yourself" and verily her left nipple had a matching piercing. I didn't want it to feel neglected so I administred some oral care to that one too.

Brought myself up for some more kissing, she's a really nice kisser and then started my way towards her south regions. Neck, breasts again, stomach, bypassed her crotch to lick her legs and thighs (she really seemed to like this), and kissed her feet which were still encased in her heels. Made my way back up and stopped my face at her panties. Pulled them to the side to reveal a nice shaved kitty. I teased her clit a little and licked the sides of her labia. Decided I needed to be unobstructed so slid her thong off, spread her legs and started some DATY. Now in all honesty I have to say during my initial approach down there it didn't seem to be as fresh as I liked it to be but maybe it was my imagination as she tasted fine. I really liked licking her sweet clit and tongue fucking the inside of her pussy (she got really wet).

I flipped her over to play with her cute white ass and spread her cheeks so I could admire her anus and dove right in with my tongue. Alize really likes being rimmed and I was happy to oblige. I also made sure to kiss and lick her cheeks while also spanking them (I started off light and she indicated that she'd like me to spank harder so I did YMMV). I then flipped her again so she was on her back and had her prop a pillow underneath her cute bottom while I ate her pussy and ass at the same time.

At this point I also explored her with DIGITS and she was receptive to it. I asked for her to give me some dirty talk and she obliged - "fuck my wet pussy with your fingers" "I love it when you fuck my xxxx with your fingers" "put your tongue on my clit". Wow!

Finally I came up for air and kissed her some more and she said she wanted to suck my cock. BBBJ ensued with saliva and some spitting at my request. I then asked for the cover so I could fuck that tight pussy of hers and she got it on me and then mounted me for some CG. At first she leaned forward so I could kiss her breasts and her mouth but I'm not lengthy enough IMO to sustain that so I asked her to straighten up and fuck my brains out, which she did.

Then switched to me standing on the floor and her on her hands and knees by the edge of the bed in doggie and then I switched her to her back for standing mish so I could see junior disappear in her sweet kitty.

Asked her if I could CIM and she said "yeah I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth!" Took the cover off and laid down while she vigorously sucked me till I shot a nice load in her mouth. She excused herself while she went to the bathroom and spit and rinsed. I then wanted to wash up a bit as well before resuming.

Joined her back on the bed for some small talk, very friendly young lady with a fairly warm manner about her. We talked about duos and she admitted one of her favourites was former Dream girl, Roksi (now at GOE) and I told her how Roksi sucked and fucked me really well a while ago which she seemed to like hearing about.

We then engaged in some more LFK/DFK and foreplay and I wanted to taste her pussy and ass again (and did some more spanking). She sucked my cock again and then moved over to the solid chair in the room got on her knees and had me fuck her doggie that way. 2nd SOG was not coming easily so I asked her to suck me off in front of the mirror which was hot and then we went back to the bed where I sort of straddled the side of her face and jerked myself off until I was ready and she pushed my ass so that my cock went back into her cute mouth and she took my load in there once again (I love your cum!).

Cleaned up, chatted a little more and said goodbye with a peck on the lips (she re-did her make up and didn't want to leave evidence on me).


Face - 7/10 - Cute GND type, very pretty but low-key. Like I said kind of reminds me of Heather Graham and Alicia Silverstone.

Body - 7/10 - YMMV but for me an average body that I enjoyed but it didn't send me over the top or anything. Small A cup breasts with piercings that were fun to play with. Very cute (and durable) ass. Nice shaved kitty. Skin wasn't the smoothest and had some very minor acne going on but nothing that put me off of her.

Service - 8/10 - I read that she does RP very well but it never came up with Ron or her when I came into the room and honestly I could care less. Overall I had a nice time with her, my highlight being DATY and RIMMING on her and CIM. MSOG, MPOS (CG, MISH, DOGGIE). BBBJ was good but not mind-blowing, no DT (YMMV?)

Damage - 240/hour - Standard Dream rates for incalls.
Thanks everyone for the compliments.

RE: Alize, I reckon I'll try and see her again in the next couple of months and will post a review should I do so. Maybe even do some RP.

Here's the scenario I have - Alize is the younger sister of a friend of mine who's always had a crush on me and wants to fuck my brains out and aggressively seduces me. What do you think?
marvelboy said:
Here's the scenario I have - Alize is the younger sister of a friend of mine who's always had a crush on me and wants to fuck my brains out and aggressively seduces me. What do you think?

Make sure she puts her hair in a pony tail and have her dress in a long party gown with no panties and bra.
marvelboy said:
Here's the scenario I have - Alize is the younger sister of a friend of mine who's always had a crush on me and wants to fuck my brains out and aggressively seduces me. What do you think?

Cannot go wrong with that bud she will knock your socks again like she did mine. :)
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