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Pet Peeves


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Jan 26, 2010
Being a cynical guy, I have a few pet peeves when it comes to this hobby.

1) unwrapped bar of soap
2) lack of a decent sized towel
3) if the sp doesn't look like she has showered
4) messy room
5) smoke filled room
6) not being greeted with a smile, maybe a peck on the cheek
7) upselling
8) services rendered not as advertised

Have I missed any, and ladies please join in with your client pet peeves. It wouldn't be fair without the ladies complaints now would it?
Beenthere123 said:
if the sp doesn't look like she has showered

if I ever see that I walk out.


1) previous towel through on the floor out on the open
2) a messy bathroom (shower) and room
3) smoker SP
4) Wired smells that I do not wish to distinguish
5) false advertising
6) all of the above mentioned.
No contact at the door .
Messy room .
Smell of dope .
Smell of smoke .
Smell of BO .
Smell of Curry ,
Not told where to hang clothes .
Untidy bathroom .
Used Condoms and wrappers visible ,
Television playing stuff other than porn
Clock that is obviously set 5 to 10 minutes fast .

Gotta go will finish later.
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