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IN-Call Pop Rock Surprise-Simone Loren & Madison Doll


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Dec 8, 2009
From Oct'09

I had a craving to do something I had never done before. Many talk about duos here but to be quite honest I was curious and apprehensive at the same time. Being a duo virgin this had to be a special event that I could share with ladies I was comfortable with. Don't we always remember our first time?

There are so many ladies out there to choose from, but still it was an easy decision. After visiting Simone last time I was left with a
craving for more so obvious choice #1. Since I don't hobby often I
hadn't ever repeated with anyone until this session, that will tell you that I think very highly of her.

Choice #2, It must be someone that Simone has a history with. Madison is the perfect choice as she has a long history of working with Simone and she was also on my TDL. For those of you that haven't met them, their body type is of the curvey variety, they are not spinners nor are they BBW. Simone is somewhat exotic looking (mediterranian applies), while Madison has a very cute innocent look to her. The look of these 2 vixens got me going easily.

The booking was easy via their booking link and my requests were
accepted without a hitch. As a matter of fact I specifically requested for a surprise during our session which turned out great so they are open minded.

I will clearly state that both know of my GDL handle, as I previously had seen Simone and I also had some discussions with Madison in setting up the surprise. There appeared to be no special treatment because of me being a reviewer, there also was no request from them for a review so I am giving this as genuine review.

They are in a nice condo in Markham which has parking and was convient. No problems getting through security. When I arrived Madison realized that I was a little nervous so they both did a great job of getting me to relaze.

All the fun stuff is somewhat of a blurr because there were lots of combinations to be had in various positions. A few things stuck out in my mind though such as the visual of both of them simultaneously doing a BJ and BLS, Madison and I coming at the same time with us chained full of oral(SOG 1).

After a rest Madison & I decided it was time for the surprise, Simone being the lucky recipient. She got to lie down complete with blindfold, as this heightens the senses. Then to her shock the pop rocks were poured over her body 'What are you doing to me' I believe was the comment. Then the unbelieveable look of esctasy on her face as Madison was licking the pop rocks on her body. The blindfold really made the difference here because its a completely different sensation not knowing what it was. All I can say is its not very often that I can teach a couple SPs a new trick!

Lastly, they decided it was time that I got the blindfold treatment.
I'm not sure what was happening here but there were bodies moving around in all different variations. Then it was time for them to tag team me and try for SOG 2 where there was so much stimulation that I started to shake and toes curl for a long time (this is not something that normally happens to me), too bad I wasn't able to SOG but it wasn't for their lack of trying - it really didn't matter though because they fucked my brains out.

Looking back, both are fun and nice ladies that were a joy to spend time with. My only dissappointment was having to leave.

Would I repeat with Simone & Madison - yes
Would I repeat with Simone - yes
would I repeat with Madison - yes

This does open up possibilities for a future session as there are some other duo combinations that are intriguing.
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severeaddicted said:
Excellent review GD shows your trust in them by being blindfolded. I am skeptical about SP doing it to me.

The reason Simone felt comfortable with a blindfold on was I had already seen her and she knew I was trustworthy, secondly Madison is with her and they both are good friends, thirdly her arms and legs were free so she wasn't really in a comprimised position.

As far as a SP blindfolding me, I would only trust in Madison, Simone or Alexandra for this.
Hugh said:
To do a duo you have to be mentally ready, not sure if I can do it.

Not really, I was surprised I went in nervous and Madison new it so she made an extra effort at the beginning to get me to relax. Most of the nervousness was in my head, now I just go with it and enjoy.
Hammer said:
Liked your review GD wish I can have that craving and just go for it like you did.

If your nervous of a duo, definitely important to have seen one of the ladies before and that will put you at ease.

You know much is in your head, I was so nervous about meeting Madison as she has been known to be a little kinky so I was worried about her going too far. Little did I realize that she puts the client comforts first so turned out to be great and now she is my All Time Favorite because of it.
Beenthere123 said:
Hey GD great review Bro time to do a third duo. We are tied we are both with 2 each lets see who does a third next.

I think you might win that race, I'm backing off the duos for a while but I am going to see some new ladies though. Should be interesting.
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