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Prostate Massage >>>

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You don't get to fuck Micaela, but she does you.. and does it very well. well reviewed.

Madison - looks great and does a good combo massage with your choice of conclusion.

You should really start with someone who has experience with this and gets good reviews. Anyone can stick something up your rear and call it a prostate massage. A select few actually know what they are looking to massage and do it well.

It feels magnificent when done well..

As one lady told me, "those gay guys have known about this great feeling for years, it's taken you heteros way too long to catch up".. lol
Re: Prostate Massage >>>

moran said:
Curious, what's the protocol for this type of speciality service? Do you ask or do they just do it?

As always, YMMV. From my experience, MA's generally fall into 2 camps. Those who include PM part of their inclusive service and those you have to ask or possibly beg. :D
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