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Out-Call Rachael @ Toronto Passions


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Dec 29, 2009
Everything I've read about this british nymph is spot-on. She's an euro sex-machine. She looks a bit older than her bio page suggests, but she's still milfy hot.


* wet, sloppy DFK including lip biting, tongue sucking etc.
* nipple play (hers and mine)
* light spanking
* digits (front and rear)
* deep, wet, throat fucking, face-fucking BBBJTCIMSW

Rachael ranks right up there as one of my ATF's. Money well spent. Would repeat in a heartbeat.
dreamblade said:
An incredibly hot woman, and if she's vocal with that accent, I'll be happy as a bedbug in a sleep clinic. :)

Funny :). There are many positive endorsements of Rachel. She must be the real deal which means it's time for a check up.
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