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Ravishing Bobbi ( BobbiInVic )


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Nov 15, 2009
Ravishing Bobbi ( BobbiInVic )

I was in a particularly urgent need of some special attention so I made a couple of calls and it was Bobbi that was the one that answered promptly. I was requesting a visit later that day and Bobbi was very accommodating by shuffling her schedule so that she was available at the requested time.

I arrived at her up-scale in-call and was met at the door by Bobbi in a stunning outfit that accentuated her tall sexy body (to be honest I have a hard time remembering exactly what she was wearing due to the distraction of her large, beautiful enhanced breasts and her beautiful face).

I had mentioned on the phone that I needed to have a shower before and had dropped a suggestion that I didn’t mind company. This hint did not go unnoticed as when she showed me to the shower and helped me undress, she proceeded to undress herself and cuddled up to me under the spray.

Bobbi’s skin is normally very smooth and soft, so after soaping up and pressing our bodies together it was one of the most amazingly, silky, slippery sensation that I have had. It brought me to a very high level of excitement.

After drying off, we made our way to the bedroom and I started to explore her body. I was in heaven kissing her, nuzzling in her neck as I licked and kissed my way to my ultimate destination, a beautiful, smooth kitty. Bobbi had mentioned that she had just bought a new toy and asked if I minded if she tried it out. Alternating the attention of my tongue, and the vibration of her toy was enough to push her into a very vocal and physical orgasm.

After a few minutes of recovery, her attention turned to me and she proceeded to give me a mind blowing CBJ. She is in a very exclusive group of a few ladies that can easily bring me to climax with oral stimulation only. Of course, I stopped her short of putting me over the edge.

We moved to a few positions. She pushed me over the edge as I was staring deep into her wanting eyes.

Bobbi always knows how to treat a guy right. Guys, as long as you do your part (have good hygiene , show up clean, or have a shower there, brush your teeth and mouthwash) and treat her with the respect you can count on an amazing time with this beautiful lady.

Contact is via e-mail at [email protected] or phone at 250-415-1955
Her website is
Re: Ravishing Bobbi ( BobbiInVic )

The shower part sounds fun. My SP experience is limited and I am not one for the Asian agencies where I know this is more common. I would love to have more SP's join in for some shower fun.
Thanks Athaire. Enjoyed your review. Have been intrigued by Bobbis ads and have talked to her on the phone but never have followed through. (Yet). Think you were with a pretty special lady. 4X
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