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Jan 5, 2010
Just got back from seeing Becky. Ice man has recently posted a spectacular review so I am not here to compete with him,but just to share my experience and re-live the afternoon.

I sent Becky an email about 2 weeks ago describing my ideal blow-job. I wanted it long and drawn out (the blow job, not my dick ) with elements from every type of head you've ever had and then some. She got back right away sounding very excited, telling me that that was her idea of a great session as well. Later when we met she told me that after the email she crossed her fingers and thought: 'I hope he books,I hope he books'. I realise that I'm basically a cock with legs at that point, but it was cute of her to tell me anyway.

Nice condo downtown. I will not describe Rebecca as it has been done and you can check her website. All I will say is that when she answered the door she apologized for having her hair up and said " Given the session we're having,you're going to have your hand on the back of my head soon anyway". Wow - beautiful girl, sexy and prescient !

What ensued was incredible. Rebecca gave me head for literally 55 minutes. I guess there are some positions we missed but fuck me if I know what they are. Technique went from light teasing to cock worshipping, prolonged sloppy BLS to hard core DT and FF'ng. Started with me on my knees-her on all fours. What a view in the mirror, I looked great.

Me on my back for a long time, Becky on her knees on the floor with DDDT, vigorous prolonged FF with squishies, gagging and drool, straddling her chest and fucking her mouth, head hanging over the bed thing, lying on her tummy holding her ankles.......I can't think of any more, but there may have been some. At one point I lost my wood out of exhaustion and I don't know what. I apologized, but she just said " I'm happy as long as there's cock in my mouth". I'm so glad I could make her happy. She got me up again'll never guess......sucking my cock and I finished with CIM which she drooled over my head and her chin
( my little head you idiots )

The great thing about Becky is that it's not a "getting blown by a hooker" experience, it's just two people having a fantastic time. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. She's educated,intellectual and funny and we chatted until I was half an hour overtime and she kicked me out. The conversation was as good as the blow job ( OK, that's bullshit but it was awfully nice ).

Rebecca Richardson I miss you already. :cry:
Senor Gomes said:
Olyada 55 minutes?, exaggeration? Excellent review

Not at all Gomes had similar session if you have the will power not to come for 55 minutes she will keep on sucking your cock. DT is her middle name.

About time Olayda you are catching up bud.
Excellent review.

Becky has stellar reviews from everyone that sees her, there is no question about that.

I have also thought of seeing her but not sure if she is my type, I normally go for the ladies that are the take charge lead the session type and I am more laid back type. I have heard that she seems more the submissive type is this correct or has anybody had a dominant Becky session?
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