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Kitchener Red Velvet Dungeon


Nov 10, 2009
This review obviously won't apply to everyone. But I'll post it here anyway.

Went to Red Velvet recently, was asked not to reveiw the particular Mistress I saw but will review the location/service as best I can within the guidelines given to me.

First off I'd like to note that they are a 'NO SEXUAL SERVICES' establishment, as most dungeons are, so if you're like me and need release after a session, have an SP booked for directly after the session lol.

Pleasant booking procedure. Very nicely laid out dungeon. Session went well and and perfectly within my limits/rules we'd discussed prior to the appointment. All in all a very pleasant experience.


Sorry for the scant review. But then it's hard to give details on a fetish session since every session is so different. Equipment available in their dungeon is listed on their site for those that are interested.
I took a peek at the site's pics. None of the domina's look appealing. Generally, in the burbs isn't the best place to seek s/m & b/d type of services. Not exactly a news bulletin, but downtown T.O. and Montreal is really the only way to go if you put a premium on looks.
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