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IN-Call Remy of Mirage the Reprise


Dec 6, 2009
As many of you know, my ATF (and one of my Can’t Go Wrong Girls) is still the lovely Jemma of Mirage, and no trip to Toronto is complete without seeing this jem, but I did it smart (the experienced hobbiest that I am) and booked with Ravi at 9:30 at night, days ahead of time.

“Ravi!” I said.

“Tank!” he said.

I know what you are thinking. It probably isn’t good that he knows my voice . . . let alone that he knew that I was calling to book Jemma! I mean, that is scary! Still, it is efficient, and within minutes I had that gorgeous woman booked.

The day came, and I was preparing to leave for my session, when I got a call from Taylor at Mirage on my hobby phone. The Cannon looked up at me with a tear in his eye, even before I answered the phone. “You know what that means Tank,” he said sadly. He was right. Taylor apologized for the last minute cancelation with Jemma, but I have had such awesome service from Mirage (and Jemma) that I couldn’t be upset. “Is there someone I can schedule you in with instead, hon” said Taylor in a sexy voice. The Cannon snatched the phone out of my hand and said in perfect Scottish, “Remy, hon, Remy.”

Now, it had only been 2 days since I last saw Remy, but the thought appealed to me too. Luck of luck, she was available at the same time as my appointment, so I booted it down to the location by cab.

It wasn’t long before I was at the up-scale condo. A soft tap on the door and I walked inside. Remy looked at me with surprise and delight. “It is so nice to see a familiar face!!” With that she gave me a delicious, long soft kiss. God her lips are soft!! I took a long look at her. She still had the “wow” factor. I could hear my dick’s Scottish accent “See, the Cannon had yet another excellent idea!”

Remy was wearing white bra and panties that hugged her curves nicely. I think the bra accentuated her breasts even more than the last time I saw her.

The conversation was relaxed, easy, and even more natural and she talked to me while I quickly showered

Emerging from the shower, I was greeted by some fantastic deep French kiss. Her lips were soft and wet. This girl loves to kiss and it shows. We stood in front of the full length closet mirrors kissing, while my hands explored her soft yet athletic body. The intensity of her kissing increased as I played with her kitty, then she pulled away and with a smile said “My turn.” She dropped to her knees and started with exceptional BBBJ. I loved watching her in the mirrors. After a few minutes, I pulled her off then turned her around and, standing behind her, I fondled her body while I watched her in the mirror. I explored her neck, back, and ass before turning her around, with me on my knees, to explore the front of her body with licks and kisses.

I then brought her over to the bed, and showered her body with soft licks and kisses. Again, she returned the favour with an excellent BBBJ. Again on this visit, I didn’t enquire about CIM, but I had to pull her off after a few minutes because she would have had me off! Her technique was soft and wet and skilled. My balls approved, and suggested “Maybe we should just go with this, Tank??” I knew better however. There was far more fun to be had.

After more DFK, we moved into missionary. Her trimmed kitty was beautiful and pink. The sight of those slim, toned thighs around me was almost too much. I oscillated between firm pounding thrusts, which were greeted with moans of pleasure, and soft gentle thrusts, as I built-up the orgasm. Then Remy spread out her legs at 180 degrees as I thrust myself inside her. Again, an awesome sight! It was hard not to blow right there and then!

As I did during the first session, I slowed down and put this young girl on top, and she happily straddled me in cowgirl. To be honest, I think her cowgirl was even better this time!! While I watched her ass in the mirror, she offered first one perfectly shaped breast and then the other to my waiting mouth. She then alternated between leaning over me and sitting upright. Her breasts were awesome in the sitting position, and she had a good (though not great) technique for sitting pelvic thrusts. I couldn’t pry my eyes off her gorgeous body. I don’t know why I like watching the girls in the mirror while they fuck me, but I do.

At my urging, she switched to reverse cowgirl and I just star-fished while this gorgeous young woman worked my knob to a frenzy. This time, however, she was even more attentive to the head of The Cannon. Her accuracy was impressive, and the sight of her beautiful ass with her soft kitty wrapped around The Cannon was too much. She alternated between full deep thrusts, burying The Cannon deep in her pussy and working just the tip of my dick with quick shallow thrusts. All the while her breasts bounced in the mirror. Within moments, my balls were unleashing a torrent to spooch. As I called out, “I am cumming” this gorgeous young woman worked the tip of my dick vigorously. This was possibly the second most intense and long-lasting orgasm of my life. I couldn’t believe that she could get me off in reverse cowgirl so easily when so many other providers have failed miserably.

After a quick clean-up, I returned to the bed, and we quickly fell into one another’s arms. Again, we caressed each other like lovers with our bodies entwined, and what I was hoping for happened again!! I couldn’t believe it, yet again . . . within about 10 minutes, I was ready to go again!! I know that is a lot of “agains” but I was excited!

My balls spoke up, “Tank, that is two in a row!! We like this girl!! We’re ready if you are buddy!”

The Cannon was impressed as well. “It looks like we are actually going to get a full day’s work out of you guys after all!”

Again, I mounted Remy’s beautiful body from behind then laid down on top of her. The sight of that ass was awesome, and with my hand on her kitty and the other across her breasts, it wasn’t long before she was moaning in pleasure. I have never gotten a girl so wet! She was soaked! I watched her in the mirror as I fucked her from behind. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach a second orgasm myself, but that only reaffirmed my determination to see her for an hour and a half or two hours.

My apologies for how similar this review is to my first one with her, but I tried to mirror the first session to see if I could make improvements. She was a joy to be with and I think I had a better time with this session. Again, she was relaxed, accommodating, and unrushed. There is great chemistry here that needs to be more fully explored . . . and I mean with more sessions!

Body: 8 (All natural, slim and athletic build with some of the best natural c-cups I have seen)

Face: 8 (Beautiful face. I was wowed when I saw her.)

Service: 8 (GFE/PSE. Excellent DFK. Good BBBJ (No DT or CIM, but I didn’t ask). No attitude girl with good energy and strong technique, although she didn’t take the lead in the session and I bet she would be too passive with some guys.

Attitude: 9 (More than accommodating to requests)

Regret: None (I am glad I booked her, and I will see her again.)

Repeat: Yes

Re: Remy of Mirage the Reprise

clintE said:
Tank twice in 2 days very impressive.

Just wait until I add my other 2 reviews!! I haven't had time yet. It was actually 4 times in 8 days!! (but only the two times with Remy) :D

Reviews on Alize and Tessa are in progress.

Re: Remy of Mirage the Reprise

thetank said:
clintE said:
Tank twice in 2 days very impressive.

Just wait until I add my other 2 reviews!! I haven't had time yet. It was actually 4 times in 8 days!! (but only the two times with Remy) :D

Reviews on Alize and Tessa are in progress.


Looking forward for it Dick of steel, oops sorry cannon.
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