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Lone Wolf

Nov 16, 2009
I was intrigued when I first saw Abby's photos,
Several of my buddies had seen her, and gave her accolades, for both physical beauty and service.

Prior to my visit, one of my friends mentioned a particular bottle of wine that Abby enjoyed, so I brought two bottles (1 to share, and 1 as a gift), along with 2 wine glasses, and a corkscrew.

A soft knock, and Abby opened the door. She is indeed beautiful, with a stellar figure. We exchanged a soft kiss, as she invited me in. She had some candles already lit. As I laid the package down, she asked what was inside-I told her that I came bearing gifts, and that she should feel free to look inside. She pulled out the first bottle, and exclaimed, "oh my favorite". I replied softly, so I have been told. She looked at me puzzled, and I said we have a mutual friend. As she explored the bag further she pulled out the wine glasses, and then asked if I had a corkscrew-I told her it was at the bottom of the bag, wrapped in a handkerchief. As she unwrapped it, she said "you're good, really good" I asked her how she knew I was so good, since I still had my clothes on. She laughed, I opened the bottle, poured each of us a glass, we toasted to a wonderful time together, as I headed to freshen up.

I returned to find her relaxing on the bed with the glass of wine. She had a beautiful set of lingerie. We immediately moved to DFK. We also engaged in BBBJ, DATY, DIGITS, MISSIONARY, COWGIRL. Her BBBJ is on the higher end of the quality spectrum. She was extremely receptive to DIGITS with DATY, as she was gyrating her pelvis deeper and deeper into my face, and kept pushing my head down with her hands. She was dripping wet. I couldn't tell if I was more at risk of drowning, or suffocating. CG, with me gently sucking on her breasts, was a definate highlight, and Mish was outstanding as well.

Overall, a wonderful 2 hours, with a fabulous lady. I would definately repeat.

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Re: Review Abby Mirage

Abby, formerly Vanessa Valentine, is one of the true legends of GTA SPs. This review is spot on. It was exactly that way when I first met up with her at Roommates when she started and then throughout her independent & now Mirage career.
This is one lady I wanted to see so bad when I seen the special that Mirage was running in their advertising. She was available at 250 but I just couldn't get the time I wanted. :cry:

Thanks for the review LW!
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