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Mar 6, 2010
I have not been here that long but have enjoyed my experience so far. One area that I have been drawn to right away is the review book. What a great friggin idea. An agency by agency collection of reviews. Genius. What a time saver.

I just noticed that the other board that I have been using has just copied this idea. LMFAO. If imitation is the best form of flattery then what is A complete ripoff of this board? I think HUBGFE is forcing the other review sites to react. Good for you HUBGFE. Shows what a positive thing competition can be. Great info here. Spermy
elassowipo1 said:
lol, yea I just noticed that too.

Forum features are easy to copy, but the positive vibe and atmosphere I see here will be more difficult to duplicate.

Good point El why I transfered my chico here with new handle.
And we have here the Sunday Night Special when we chat with some of the best girls on Business such as Becky (now Rebecca), Genevieve LaJoie, Kyra Graves, Cassidy, Jemma, Latika, Kristen,....we had the pleasure to chat with the next one will be Alexandra the Great; they will copy this idea too :lol: and the contests too...
iceman_dci said:
Other Board..? What other Board? You mean there's other's out there ...? :lol:

I started out there and for what it was worth, it served it's purpose, just too much venom for my liking, I'm glad my fellow APC members poked my on the shoulder about HUBGFE.

I got poked as well.
Wilsonjso said:
The mods are doing a great job and it's good to be here.

It sometimes boggles the mind, how well a job they're doing.......with all the partying going on in the Mod Clubhouse.

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