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Out-Call Review: Daniella @ Cupids


Mar 11, 2010

When I saw Daniella's profile go up on the Cupids website, I was quite intrigued so I moved her to the top of my TDL. I pre-booked her in advance for 1.5 hrs and she arrived at my hotel room about 10 min early. I opened the door and she walked in with a big smile and we greeted each other with a hug and kiss. She removed her jacket to reveal an elegant black dress. We took care of business and she joined me on the bed to get acquainted with each other. Daniella was pleasant to converse with and I found her to be an intelligent lady. She is of Eastern European background but was raised in Canada, so she speaks with no accent. Facially I found her to be quite attractive with beautiful brown eyes and an overall seductive look to her. I would describe her as being more on the "classically beautiful" side as opposed to the clubber chick type which I encounter more often in this biz.

After a few minutes of chatting we moved on to a round of DFK which was more on the aggressive side and became more intense as we progressed. Daniella then mounted herself on my lap and proceeded to unbutton/remove my shirt as we continued to DFK. When I loosened my belt she stood up and pulled my pants right off. I always love it when a woman takes initiative like that. Daniella then slowly removed her dress to reveal a sexy black set of lingerie, complete with garter belt and stockings. As I was sitting on the edge of the bed, she got down onto her knees and started and began a CBJ, which was fairly decent by CBJ standards. I didn't inquire about whether BBBJ was available. We both then got onto the bed and started FS. I found Daniella to be very responsive and vocal during the act, with plenty of DFK too. Highlights were doggy as she has a really nice ass; and CG/RCG as she rode me with great enthusiasm. After round 1, we chatted and DFK before moving on to round 2 which was more or less the same as round 1. I asked her about a third round of action but she was getting a bit sore at this point as had been going at it for quite a while now. So round 3 consisted of oral. Pretty soon our time was up and she went in for her shower. We DFK'd for a few more moments at the doorway before we said goodbye.


Face: 8.7/10

Very attractive facially. Seductive brown eyes. Clear complexion. Looked younger than I expected, listed age is probably accurate. Had her hair up at the start but she looked even better with her hair down (like in the pics). I would describe her as the classically beautiful type.

Body: 8.2/10

Pictures are accurate. Stats are accurate. More of a medium build rather than the tight and toned type. Wide hips and a nice round ass, definitely has some junk in the trunk. Smooth skin. I found her overall look to be very feminine. One large tattoo on back.

Service/Attitude: 9.25/10

Great enthusiasm and attitude. I found the overall tone of the session to be very passionate. One of the best GFE style sessions I've had lately. Received CBJ but didn't inquire about BBBJ so I'm not sure if its on the menu or a YMMV thing; normally a deal breaker for me but the rest of the service made up for it. Chemistry was great so I am likely to repeat in the near future.
jumpingjackflash said:
I loved the pics, are they photoshopped or are they a good representation of what she looks like. Very good review, too bad about the CBJ, that is a killer for me.

With a body like that I will take the CBJ, great review EL.
jumpingjackflash said:
I loved the pics, are they photoshopped or are they a good representation of what she looks like. Very good review, too bad about the CBJ, that is a killer for me.

Most SP photos are touched up to some extent but as I mentioned in the review I felt that pics were fairly accurate. I was certainly more than pleased by her appearance.

Iambad said:
Great review dude, how many times you scored 3 goals in hour and half?.

LOL, the rapid fire SOG thing happens more often when I'm with my GF than when I'm hobbying actually. For 1.5 hr or 2 hr appointments it happens a little more than half the time, it also helps a lot when BBBJCIM is on the menu, heheh.
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