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Hamilton Review: Gina Leigh - An Affair to Remember & Cant Forget


Mar 28, 2010
Gina Leigh first caught my attention through correspondence. What can I say, I like a lady with a good head on her shoulders. I saw her website , saw the pics, nice work again god (as with Tessa). I love her body type. I had to get on this and meet her for myself.

This is how it is:

1) What ever brought Gina to Hamilton, we have to Thank
2) Hamilton, Gina will increase your property value

Private, (no problems with drawing attention here), Very clean and comfortable facilities. She has a few pets but they are contained. She is a self proclaimed neat freak and has a great sense of style. I love that big mirror.

Done entirely and flawlessly through email. Although she did provide me with her number, I did not need to use it. I showed up at the pre-determined time (established a full 3 days before) and she was ready to receive (and I did not even need to communicate with her during those 3 days). Committed, trusting and punctual.

I'll just cut and past the beginning of what I wrote in my other review: I hate doing this part (cause if they did it to us would be doomed...who am I kidding, we would do just fine because we are all studs)
Facially: Seriously guys she is one of the prettiest SPs around. If you doubt me see her for yourself and let me know. Gina, XXXXX - 22 (the artist formally known as Laura), Tessa - your 3 facially prettiest SPs. I have a hard time ranking these ladies. Gina looks young and does not wear make-up, only some of that eye stuff. She is a natural beauty. Relative to TO SPs she is amongst the most beautiful. i am sure our **** TO bro's will agree.

Body: Like in Tessa's case, Gina's pics do not do her justice. I was expecting that body, which I loved and got better. This kids in shape, she works out regularly. She has a great Portuguese curves, a great body, a few tatoos. Toned, not quite as ripped as Tessa but close.

She is definitely a head turner.


Fun, courteous, intelligent, passionate, classy, sweet-heart. She is accommodating. We got along really well. I had no problems with her mannerisms, attitude or nature. She was very comforting and enthusiastic and passionate about what we were there for. Happy out-going disposition.

She wasted no time. I typically talk a fair bit in the beginning but she got me down to business relatively quickly once we were in the room. No in a bad or rude way, she was excited, and here is that word again, passionate to engage. I really felt the true GFE/PSE. She made me feel like I was hers and she was mine exclusively.
Her experience was evident. Her openness and willingness is rarely found in Hamilton, Tessa (and now defunct Dhalia) being the only one I experienced parallels. "I love sex" says Gina.
Again details are not my thing but you will not be disappointed. And perhaps YMMV as with every SP, except Mirage's Daphne.


One of the best in Ham/bur/Oak that I have experienced with regards to looks, body, menu, attitude, and location. And if she were to work in TO she would be extremely well reviewed and sought after (<==-- you did not see that line Gina, it was all an illusion, stay here, there is no Toronto)
I wish I could say something bad about her..seriously...looks great, service great, perhaps she was a bit too passionate or enjoyed herself too much (loud)? (but I am sure that was a consequence of my skill...oh ya.. )

I agree with and support all the reviews, including the ones on her website.
She used to work in Montreal

Recommendation: High
Feel free to PM me with questions.

Honorarium: (i took that word from her website...i learned a new word today, thanks Gina)
Her website prices are her travel prices and outcall prices in Montreal.
Her Hamilton only Incall prices:
Half Hour: $140
Hour: $200

I am not sure what is offered in the massage option. I plan to partake in that.
I know there would be no problem emailing her or pm her with questions. She is very personable and approachable.

For the locals:
Hamilton, trust me:
If you like XXXXXX - 22 (the artist formally known as Laura, for search purposes), you are going to love Tessa. If you love Tessa, you are going to love Gina.
These three are the best in the area.
Let's get some more down here.
Thanks for the accolades bros, it is my pleasure to help you all,

Her place is easy to find in Hamilton, heck, every place is easy to find in
I am sure if you email her she would provide you with more details if necessary.
She is very personable.
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