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IN-Call Review Leslie of Mystique/TOG

Wilsonjso said:
Awesome review LW. She has outstandings reviews about her service.

She does have outstanding reviews regarding her service.
However, she is also one of the most facially beautiful SPs in the industry. (I would place her in the top 3, of all the ladies that I have seen).
I used to run a beautiful face thread on another board. I am thinking of doing one for this board.
I missed seeing this girl when she was at agencies. Saw her this week independent. Nice girl friendly bubbly? maybe a bit spacey even haha. She has a cute face and nice blue eyes.

Her body was good but not that toned for someone so skinny. But we got along good. BBBJ was very good. She can DT and likes watching you while your cock is deep in her mouth. Thats hot :happy:.

We fucked good for a long time MPOS. I asked her for bj to finish. She liked this and I finished with a big orgasm BBBJTCIMAS. Nice!

I will see her again :happy:
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