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IN-Call Review Melody@Entourage: sounds like music


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Nov 12, 2009
Booking with Entourage was easy and Zoran told me that Melody was avaliable at that time but she was on the place where I've got lost, we laughed and I booked her.

In minutes I was on Cassidy's Castle where I've got lost once but this time there was symbols on corridors wich represented musical sounds that lead me where Melody was.:razz:

When she opened the door OMG, she's such a sweety girl, amazing kisser, great sense of humour, good to talk to and have sex with her sounds like the perfect Melody to me.

She told me that I rocked her world yesterday but was the opposite. When I went home my soul was in a state of bliss.

Service: 10 (GFE/PSE)
Repeat: YES

Now I know why 4X is becoming 5X, 6X,....

Thanks Melody you made my day.
king21 said:
Thanks for sharing your exp. with Melody, she is a star in the making, if not already!

That is funny, we both used "OMG" in our reviews.:lol:

yes it is :lol: 'OMG' I agree with you if she's not a star yet is just a matter of time. She's amazing.
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