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Lone Wolf

Nov 16, 2009
I had had my eyes on Natalie ever since her photos first went up on the Exquisite site.

I called Vanessa 2 weeks ago to express my interest. The final booking was handled easily and efficiently.

When Natalie opened the door, I was immediately impressed. She has an absolutely lovely face, and a stellar figure.
She was wearing classy traditional high heels, a bottom that highlighted her assets, and a fashionable pink bra that accentuated her cleavage. We exchanged a brief kiss, and a nice hug. I told her that the condo, which is converniently located downtown, and which was absolutely immaculate, looked fabulous. I then leaned in to whisper in her ear that she looked amazing. She smiled, and thanked me.

She led me to the bedroom, where I handed her the donation, which she left on the table. She asked me if I wanted something to drink. I accepted a glass of water, which she went to retrieve, while I took a shower. When I finished the shower, I noticed that she had lit additional candles in the bedroom; I commented on how nicely the bedroom looked and smelled. Unfortunately, I made the comment from the bathroom, before I entered the bedroom, where she was lying face down, naked. Once I entered the bedroom, and saw her, I took a few steps back to the bathroom, to dispose of the towel. I then joined her on the bed. We immediately went to DFK, and after a few minutes, I told her that I thought she was exceptionally beautiful. She thanked me but asked me if I was sure, since I had commented on both the condo, and the bedroom, before I had made comments about her, in each instance. She was smiling when she said it, so I wasn't sure if she was playing with me.

I told her that she had caught me somewhat off guard on both occasions. I mentioned to her that it the first instance, I had been waiting at the door for a few minutes before she opened it, since I had been told explicitly not to knock, that she would open the door for me....I explained that while I was waiting, a man came around to distribute fliers under the resident's doors. I further explained that since I didn't want her to open the door as he was passing by, I moved a few doors away to tie my shoelaces, and only after he had left, did I come back to the door, where I waited for a few more minutes before she opened it. As to my comments about the bedroom, I explained that I made them when I was still in the bathroom, and I couldn't see that she was lying naked in the bedroom from that viewpoint....and when I realized that she was, that is when I went back to the bathroom to dispose of the towel. She was smiling the whole time....clearly enjoying me twisting in the wind, as I sought to explain my actions. I added too that I was a gentleman, and as such, I thought it inappropriate to obviously stare at a lady's breasts, especially within 5 seconds of meeting her, so the most appropriate way to do it was to whisper something to her, and as she learned forward, to then take a look -that way it offered a better view, and wasn't so obvious.....she laughed, as she gently slapped me, and said that she liked me.

I told her that I was pleased that she liked me because I had waited a long time to see her. I asked her if she knew how long I had waited, and she guessed 2 weeks. I smiled, and told her it was closer to 2-3 months; I told her that Vanessa posted her photos on December 6th, and that she started work on Tuesday December 8th. She told me that she was impressed, and that now she really liked me. I told her I was pleased to be moving up in the world so quickly, she laughed again, and said that hopefully she would be worth the wait.....I sheepishly told her that notwithstanding that she seemed to enjoy teasing me, that she was already worth the wait........I did ask her if she enjoyed teasing me. She smiled, a devilish smile, and said not as much as other things that she was going to enjoy doing with me, as she leaned in to give me a DFK that would have given me a tonsilectomy, if I hadn't already had sent shock waves through my whole body.

We switched positions, and then enjoyed DFK. I then moved to her neck, then her breasts, and finally to DATY, with digits, to which she was extremely responsive. She then reciprocated with one of the best BBBJ, with BLS, and ball sucking, that I have ever had. We then put on the cover, and started in cg, then mish, then doggie, before she ripped off the condom, told me that she wanted to taste me again, and finished me off with a BBBJCIM that had my whole body trembling (YMMV). When I recovered, I, that was one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever had...and I told her....she lightheartedly dismissed me by saying, that I was just saying that to make up for commenting about the condo, and bedoom before her....I told her to not even go there.....during a break, we had a nice discussion about Eastern European cities, and she smiled or laughed through most of it...we shared several common interests. I asked her if I could ask her a few personal questions, and she said yes, and then she asked me a few...including my age...she was surprised when I told her....she told me that I looked much younger....I thanked her, and simply said that I had good genentics. I mentioned that she too had pretty good genetics, as I glanced at her breasts; she gently slapped me again, as she went to start round 2. I told her that I thought I was spent....that I had had a long flight, and that I always pick the lady that I want to see the most, the first day or two, to make sure that I see her, even if I will be tired, and that if I enjoy the experience, I repeat. She told me that she thought she could get another shot out of me, so I told her by all means......sure enough, she was right......

As the session was winding down, I told her that I really enjoyed meeting her, and she told me that she enjoyed meeting me as well. As I headed to the bathroom, she began to change the sheets on the bed, and do other things. I quietly called Vanessa from the bathroom on my cell, to check her availability the next luck would have it, I got the last appointment for the next day, in the perfect time slot. Unbeknownst to me Vanessa texted her that I would be repeating tomorrow. When I got out of the bathroom, she was waiting for me, and gave me another of her very DFK's, and she said that she looked forward to seeing me again tomorrow....I asked, so you already know?, she smiled and simply said yes. I said, well that was quick. I then asked, so I am long was it before you knew that I liked you...she smiled, and said only a few minutes after I met you...I asked was I really that obvious...she said were actually very good...I just knew.....she gave me another DFK, which lasted from the bedroom to the door....I told her, well I am certainly looking forward to definately rocked my world...she replied, and I am going to rock it a whole lot more tomorrow..........I can hardly wait.
Wow LW..that is some endorsement of a fine looking young lady, twice in two days!! The only thing better would be twice in the same day!!

Great review...dammt, another one goes on the TDL..
jagger said:
LW what made you decide to make the second call, if there was one thing only.

There was not one thing, there were many--that's why I decided to repeat so quickly. ie. I liked her face, her stellar figure, her personality, and her service, and I was so happy with that combination that I felt I would rather see her for a repeat than see the next lady on my TDL.
A new legend is born

A new legend is born

Your writing style that is...
A great read and obviously a fab experience.
Have you considered writing that book?
March will be NAT month for me now.
BTW, in terms of walking distance, how far would you say her condo is from Gretzky'!
Thanks Wolfman. Nice work.

I saw her and Evelyn in a duo ( I think I reviewed it on this board ).
Evelyn is sexy, but all I could think about was Natalie afterward. That ass, those pendulous jugs, that smile and that warm enveloping BJ.....

I gotta go to the bathroom and call Vanessa
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