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Nov 27, 2009
After many months of thinking about it, and a couple of failed attempts to book an appointment I finally had the opportunity to see Noir this weekend. I’d read all the reviews about other’s experiences with her; in particular noting the seemingly common opinion that she is the “Ultimate Lover”, but I just couldn’t make up my mind about seeing her. I’m not sure what was stopping me, but none the less I’m really happy I to report I have now had the pleasure of spending time with this incredible woman.

All the reviews are accurate; Noir is an incredible sex partner; she’s aggressive, passionate, and knows what it takes to please both her partner and herself. This I admire tremendously. From a purely sexual perspective I’m not sure there’s another woman alive who will spell-bound a man in quite the same way Noir will and does. Her body is tight and firm, her breasts are amazing; if I had to pick a favorite body part I would pick her clitoris because it is so unique and delicious. And yet, there’s more… much more about Noir that is paramount in noting… so I will pass on the regular reviews about how we kissed and cuddled and made out, and instead I’m going to tell you what I experienced with this one-of-a-kind creature of life.

From the minute I walked in the door I was still unsure I had made the right choice in seeing her, but within seconds, ok milliseconds all that went out the window like a swift winter’s breeze. It literally took only a few seconds for me to feel like I had known this person for years and years and years. I can’t really put my finger on it – maybe we just clicked – or maybe this is the way it is with everyone who sees her; I don’t know, but I do know how I felt – welcomed, warmed, invited, and wanted.

The normal “getting to know you” stuff seemed irrelevant; as if we already knew each other before we actually met. The comfort of touching and holding each other seemed “standard” – like we’d done it a hundred times before, but with the excitement and enthusiasm of teenagers’ touching for the first time. I don’t know if she felt the same way as I, but from her reactions to me I would say she did. None the less, our time together proceeded as if this were fact.

There was immense passion; it was like we couldn’t get enough of each other. Only on rare occasions in my life have I enjoyed a woman’s lips like that, and felt like she enjoyed mine just as much. This was true of everything we did together, and the list was extensive. In the latter half of our time together I found myself behaving like I would with women I’d been with for years – what I mean is my guard was completely down and I was being all of me without concern for how I might be judged because I knew Noir wasn’t judging me, as I wasn’t judging her.

Noir is intelligent and charismatic – not that this should be a surprise, but I just didn’t anticipate such a worldly person in this business. Her taste in music, her awareness of the world around her, and her sense of the reality in which we live was refreshing to say the least. Noir, I want you to share with me some of the artist’s names we listened to that afternoon, because I was truly impressed with what I heard and I would love to add them to my library.

Noir Is one of those people I would invite to my house and spend hours talking about this and that of relevance in the world; someone I would pick up the phone and call because I just need a reality check on something that’s going on in my life, and someone I would ask advice of because I trust where she comes from. Noir is all of this and much more, and one of the most amazing lovers in existence. How could anyone ask for more?

The numbers? Fagetaboutit.
Repeat? Are you kidding?

P.S. Noir... loved sucking on your toes!
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Sounds like you are in love Mishi ;) . You have great writing skills, thanks for the great review of Noir.
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