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IN-Call Review of Paige on TRZ


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Nov 25, 2009
Thought I'd share some of my old reviews here on this forum. I'll try and stick with girls I believe are still working.

So after reading numerous positive reviews of Paige I decided to take the plunge and call for an appointment and boy was I glad I did!

Called once got her voice mail, called a little later and got through. One bit of advice I might give is that Paige, you should speak up a bit more as it was sometimes hard to hear you on the phone.

Anyways made my appointment and got there a little bit early which was fine with her. Now let me say right now that her place has to be the most convenient incall I've ever been to. I'm not going to say where it is, if you do a search you can find that info, but for an uptown guy like me who drives and doens't relish the idea of driving DT and then paying for parking Paige's place is awesome. Lots of free parking either at the building or at the mall nearby.

Got buzzed in and went up to see her. She greeted me with a black mini-skirt number which you can see on her page. Took care of business and was offered something to drink (water or juice, I took the water) and some mints

BTW the part about her being talkative are true but it didn't really bother me so much as I felt it kind of made the atmosphere with her more casual. She asks questions like what you do, when you were born, etc.

Took my shower, toweled off and met her back in her bedroom. She took of the dress and left the very sex black thong on, by request, and proceeded to give me some amazing fucking head!!! BBBJ was in effect! Let me back up by saying she started this amazing experience by dropping to her knees, in front of her mirror, and putting my cock in her amazing mouth.

She got back on the bed and we LFK/DFK a little and she's a really great kisser and tastes nice. I was surprised later when she said she was a smoker, I never would have guessed but I smoke socially too so it wouldn't really have bothered me that much since she did freshen up before I got there.

Made my way down to those amazing, natural tits of hers and licked, kissed and sucked on her nipples. Moved further down, bypassing her kitty to kiss and lick her legs which made her ticklish. Not every woman I've met is necessarily into that so c'est la vie.

Finally got to her nice shaved kitty and went to town with my tongue and digits. Very wet and tight and very delicious. She eventually says "I want your cock in there" in that delightful Euro accent of hers.

On comes the coat and I start pounding this minx in mish while alternating DFK with sucking her tits. I'm horrible at keeping track of time but I eventually say let's do CG but she counters with "Fuck me doggie!" Who am I to argue.

So she gets on her hands and knees and I get behind that sweet as of hers and while I'm looking straight at her asshole I plunge my dick back into her wet pussy and start pounding away again. At this point I should mention how great it was to watch myself fucking her in misch and doggie in the mirror beside her bed.

I tell her I'm about to cum and she asks if I want to cream on her tits, which I do. So off comes the coat and she's jerking me off and I'm about to blow but I forget what I did but I said something to distract her while I'm exploding my jizz on her tits and she says get alarmed and says "Oh no I want to see it" which made me chuckle. First SOG!

She cleans herself and me as well and we cuddle making small talk (she likes to chat this one). At the same time we are kissing and I'm stroking her tits and body. Soon I ask her if I can DATY again she says sure but admits it won't get her off but I'm fine with that as I love going down there so for my own selfish reasons I'm not concerned whether it will make her cum or not :p So more DATY plus digits and man is she wet.

My dick is starting to get hard again so she brings me up to suck my cock some more and the position she chose to do this was amazing. She props me on her bed on the side closest to the wall so that I'm sitting up for the most part AND looking at her mirror, she then gets in front of me to take me in her mouth and I can stare at her ass, anus and pussy in the mirror! Amazing!

BBJ once again and I have the double visual of seeing her mouth envelope my dick and looking at her two beautiful fuckholes! She also DTs me but in all honesty that's not a great feat as I'm not a huge dude or anything but I'm ok with my average size dick. I also tell her I like a sloppy blowjob and she complies and for good measure spits on my dick which always gets me even more turned on. Some BLS which was just bliss.

We spend some serious time in this position and then she lies down and has me straddle her upper body so I can FACE FUCK HER! Now I've had some pretty amazing experiences with SPs and MPAs that did FS and GFs over the years but this is the first time I have ever face fucked a woman before and it was amazing! She even kept pushing my ass so I could go even deeper in her mouth.

Asked for CG and she put coat on again and really rode me like I was one of those mechanical horses. To be honest CG I do more for the visual and less for the sensation as I don't get that much from it. But what a visual of seeing those tits bounce as she was riding me hard.

Asked her to finish me off with HJ while she kissed me and licked my nipple and 2nd SOG all over her hand and my stomach. Great fucking hour!!!

Cuddled, kissed, stroked and chatted some more before asking me if I'd like another shower as my time was up. Got cleaned up and dressed and felt really great for the rest of the day. She was even kind enough to offer me a cigarette which I smoked in the parking lot after I left.

Ranked up there as one of my favourite sexual encounters ever.


Face - 8/10 - IMO a strong GND look facially. Pretty girl but certainly not a model type but for me I prefer GND as it helps my overall experience in that I can imagine that this girl might actually fuck me in real life :p She has really nice blonde hair that was soft as silk and lovely blue eyes that looked up at me with pleasure as I fucked her mouth and pussy.

Body - 8/10 - Tall, broad body with a bit of weight on her but I wouldn't call her fat or anything. She's very natural and realistic IMO, not some super skinny girl. Breasts are very nice and natural, felt great during the brief Russian that we did. Decent ass but didn't blow me away and I'm an assman. Still it's a very minor detail as her ass still looks nice while I'm plowing her kitty during doggie.

Service - 10/10 - GFE bordering on PSE IMO. Everything was pretty good to awesome. Oral skills are great especially during the face fucking ~! MPOS, MSOG. No CIM which is no big deal but COT(its) was nice. Greek was offered but I passed (maybe next time). She also offered to prostate massage me which I passed on and definitley won't be doing anytime EVER! One of the biggest positives is that she genuinely seemed to be into fucking and sucking me during the hour and it felt like I got a good hour out of it. Not a clock-watcher at all. Her being talkative might not be for everyone so YMMV on that but I think if you ask her to cut it down she'd accomodate that being said a very bright and positive young lady overall.

Damage - 250/1 hour GFE, she offers a 200/hour session non-GFE but I have no idea what that would or wouldn't include.

Repeat - YES!!! Gonna try some different positions that I didn't try the first time and will definitley repeat the face fucking (yes it was that great to me that I mentioned it yet again!). I really hope I win the draw at the end of the month!
Excellent review MB, bodering on DIRTY :lol: Paige (again with the TDL) is on that list and I've contacted her by email, just never a chance to get out that way and yes, from what she described in her email, the location would be easier than downtown...gotta set my priorites straight and go to see her.

Well done!
Bigwillie said:
Terrific review MB

Not a clock-watcher and into fucking and sucking the full hour, what else can a man ask for. How long was the DFK?.

As I recall the DFK wasn't long or short. I suppose if it's something you really like doing she's more than willing to oblige with kissing you for as long as you like. Me I was more into plowing her Swedish mouth with my dick.
CallmeMatt said:
Amazing review I got wood the face fucking part must have been incredible. She the soft or loud moaner MB.

I would say she's an average moaner. Very accomodating so if you requested she moan a certain way I'm sure she'll accomodate you.
marvelboy said:
Just came across this ad on RZ

I have a sneaking suspicion this might be Paige under a new name and under a new business model.

From all reports, this is her. Wonder what happened? I know she had some bad experiences (she emailed me with her particulars a while back). Perhaps she's playing the safe(r) card and not inviting anyone to her incall location unless she feels she can trust you. Who knows. Maybe she'll join here and shed some light.
marvelboy said:
We spend some serious time in this position and then she lies down and has me straddle her upper body so I can FACE FUCK HER! Now I've had some pretty amazing experiences with SPs and MPAs that did FS and GFs over the years but this is the first time I have ever face fucked a woman before and it was amazing! She even kept pushing my ass so I could go even deeper in her mouth.

Hot review MB. Face-fucking sp's is one my ATF's, especially if she's hot!
afterdark said:
Hot review MB. Face-fucking sp's is one my ATF's, especially if she's hot!

She got me into FFing and now I pretty much do it with every SP I see.

Smooth said:
How old is she, from the pictures I am guess mid 30's?

I'd late late 20s to early 30s. Very young looking and Swedish to boot :)
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