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IN-Call Review of Phawn @ TAG as last alternative



I noticed she is still working so thought to send you guys an old review of Phawn that I saw late last summer.

What a day it's been, trying to book an SP on a Saturday before 1 pm with a 1 1/2 hours notice is not as easy as it used to be.

By 11:30 am booked Alize at DM for 1 pm appointment. Ron called 15 minutes later saying she couldn't make it, hey no big deal. Called RM and again they are closed for the weekend doing renovations. Call Mirage 3 times, each time answering machine goes on. Left message if they can squeeze this poor soul with any of their ladies withing the hour, no reply from them again assuming they had no one available.

Running out of time, called Exquisite trying to book Kailani or anyone at this point. Phone lady says minimum of 2 hours notice she says. I replied can you do it in 1 1/2 hour no she said firmly all girls are min 2 hours notice she repeats. Called sassy's, no luck. Called Select asked if anyone available withing half hour, no she replied. I asked how about 1 hour, she then says she'll call me back, never did.

So TAG it is, phone guy was pretty cool, polite and friendly. Suggested Phawn, within 20 minutes I am at their downtown location. So before I get in I say to JR. 'Lower your expectations so you won't get disappointed'. She opened the door and a very nice, petite, cute Asian lady greeted me with a kiss.

From here on it gets pretty funny in a good way. She offered me drinks, she helped me undress, guided me to the shower always with a smile on her face. Took a quick shower before coming out she says 'No more', guides me back to the shower and starts washing me from top to bottom for a good 10 minutes. I played with her nice firm breast while being washed. I get out and she then starts washing herself with soap all over again.

At this point I start smiling as this lady is a clean freak. Oh, forgot to say that she gave me mouthwash twice to gargle. Into the bedroom, she takes a gum and gives me one. Takes out a hand sanitizer and cleans her hands again and puts it on JR. Takes out lots Kleenex to wipe her hands and JR.

LFK, didn't try digits or daty, not shaven either. Her BJ's were a combination of a hand job and sucking head of JR. only. More Kleenex to clean her mouth and JR. again. Missionary style and can she fuck, man she wanted more and more. Legs all over the place, asked her if I was hurting her she said Noooo, she says deeper, deeper. I yelled I cannot go any deeper.

It was fun, she went through a case of Kleenex but it was entertaining. She dresses me up completely, tipped her and left.

Went home and took a shower (Ok just kidding)
olayda said:
Went home and took a shower (Ok just kidding)

Second time I've literally laughed out loud on this board :lol::lol:
( still smiling as I write this )

You should read your own reviews bud and laugh at every sentence. You and Iceman rule in that department. Smylee a close second with his videos.
Heehee,,,,nice one BT123. Got me feeling that need for the Asian equation sooner rather than later. Also, as a side note,,,,noticed the price of Kleenex has almost doubled over at No Frills. Now I understand why.
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