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Durham Review: Sara @ SR


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Nov 27, 2009
I went to see Sara at Secret Rendezvous the other night and unfortunately did not have the type of experience I was hoping for. Let me start by saying I have discussed this with Cyd already and we’re both on the same page with the situation; I typically find Cyd very easy to talk to and have enjoyed many a visit to SR. I’m not writing this to complain; I just want to make sure all you guys are aware that Sara is definitely a ymmv young lady.

IMO Sara is a very lovely girl; she’s facially pretty, has a nice body, and very smooth skin. I found her personality very easy and friendly, and I think she’s a real sweetheart. She’s obviously young and very new to this business, and for my visit that was extremely evident. Her performance, or lack of performance left a lot to be desired, it was mechanical, passionless, and restrictive.

After showering she asked me what I like and when I said bbbj she told me that she only offers cbj – I remembered reading that she was “True GFE” on the web site so I was taken aback by this. At that point I should have left, but because she’s hot and I was horny I decided to stay and make the best of it, hoping she might open up once we got into it. I did enjoy daty but am not sure she did. I tried some lfk which she seemed resistant to but was accommodating for a short while, when I tried dfk she was not interested. I knew going in that I would need to direct her, but there didn’t seem to be any way to direct her to my liking, so I finished up in doggy and got dressed.

Afterwards we discussed the session and she said she felt bad about it; she did say she used to offer True GFE but was now leaning more towards Safe GFE. I told her to stick with the services she is comfortable with, and to have her services description on the web site changed to accurately reflect what she is willing to do.

I understand some guys have had good sessions with her, but unfortunately I’m not one of them.
Re: Review: Sara @ SR

4times review = BBBJ

I have spoken to Sara about this and she insists she is BBBJ but clients have reported both. I will speak with her again but may have to list her as safe GFE with BBBJ as YMMV
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