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Hamilton Review: TOFTT - Ava Jones: A Hot Luxurious Ride.


Mar 28, 2010
Dear HUBGFE bros,
I TOFTT for you.

So, remember the natural order of things seen in elementary school, high-school, university, bars, clubs or wherever, that all the hot chicks are friends and hang around each other? Well those that have seen Gina Leigh know she is hot, and she has a friend visiting, Ava Jones, and she is hot too. The natural order of things has been safeguarded.
Gina hinted to me that her friend(s) maybe coming to Hammer (pun intended! lol ). It intrigued me...based on the above rule. When I heard she was coming to town, I booked right away, pretty much blindly, however I was motivated by my history with GL and the natural order of things.

Now she is only here of a short time so I have to pump out this review quick so my fellow HUBGFE bros can have the opportunity to see her if you so desire, and you should because:

Very upscale, the most upscale in Hammer. Convenient Parking, on the street, rush hour may be a problem, also paid garage parking. Room was very nice. All amenities provided, clean.
No mirrors...sigh. Great large, comfortable bed (and However, Ava said that her current location was only for today and will possibly move tomorrow maybe to a more familiar location. But we are not there for the walls.

Done strictly though email in advance. Prompt responses. Smooth. I was...a little late..I called to inform 5 minutes before my time when I absolutely knew I was going to be delayed. She was totally okay with it. No attitude or problems with that. Called to confirm when I arrived at the location. She answered quickly. Sweet pleasant, sexy, voice. I met her at the location (due to its nature) and let me to her room.

Ava Jones.
Accuracy of Pictures: - She is better in person however the pictures present a fairly accurate representation. Hair has been cut shorter recently (came up in convo) - below shoulders. Her statistics are accurate.
Face: She is a beautiful woman, no doubt. Young looking, appropriate to advertised age. Beautiful GND/model looks. I love the eyes, greenish, light brownish hair, wavy past the shoulders. Right nose piercing - small stud. on I love her smile. Her make up is light and subtle as she has natural beauty. Facially she is amongst to top that I have seen in Hamilton..and would hang out with Gina, Laura and Tessa....and they would probably take turns being jealous an hating each other because of their know how girls are..
Body: Better in person. Voluptuous. Great proportions. More voluptuous than Gina. However, within the limits of my own personal tastes. She is fit and her stamina is consequence proves that. However she does not look so much a like hardbody like Tessa or like Gina. Tanned. Feels good, nice skin, she has a few tatoos but on the side of her body ...i think, belly button piercing. You can see them in her pics.

She would turn more than a few heads walking down the street. She looks smoking in street clothes (she met me and led to her room) and in lingerie.

Personality: I have met another cool chick. Very personable, fun. Can hold, maintain and initiate stimulating conversation. Very intelligent, well rounded. I see how her and Gina are friends and would/do get along well. She made me feel comfortable and at then charged me up emotionally in anticipation of and throughout the meeting. She has a good sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders. She was not rude, or neglectful, or selfish. She was appreciative and wanted to make sure I had a good was not hard. As with Gina and others, she was enthusiastic, passionate and courteous. We clicked.

Not a clock watcher.
In fact, I thought we were done..a few times actually...and she kept on going!! no complaints here. I understand why and that is because she is another sexual dynamo. You know, one of those who love sex and just would knock your socks off if you were wearing any.
Open-minded, huge sex drive and can really go and take it and enjoy it. I had a good time. She was not selfish, as I mentioned, and we complemented each other. She kept it going and exciting by diversity and versatility and stamina. Great kisser. She was not over-the-top and did not act. She sincerely enjoyed it and worked hard so that I may enjoy her.
Again we talked a lot when we were not otherwise occupied...I think I have come to conclusion that I talk a lot....but regardless of that she wanted to get down to business and was very receptive. I had a great time not only engaged in the deed also conversation also. It again was hard to leave.
Another likeness that supports the association/relationship to Gina.
What else can I say: she was professional, classy, courteous, experienced, skilled, fun and engaging.
Menu: Extensive - pretty much the same as Gina.

If you haven't guessed, I had a great time. I have no complaints. Any reservations I may have had were quickly defused by her looks, performance and personality.
It was basically a blind date and this one went without disappointment.
I would want to see her again but she is here for a short time...I will try.

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Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High
As always feel free to PM me with questions.

Half Hour: $140
Hour: GFE - $200
Hour PSE - $250
Also get the a discount if you have seen Gina Leigh and get a recommendation (Note: See Gina me)
Intown: April 1st - 5th
I am not sure if she has plans to return..I did not think to ask...i was ...err...busy.

She has never been to Hamilton before so treat her right boys..and perhaps maybe she will come back...or may even move here.

Hamilton will kick TO's ass.

Thank you Ava Jones!
And Thank you Gina!​
Just to let you know she is back in town HUBGFE bros for a bit. till tuesday July 6.

looks like cg411 is down...i lifted this from parts unknown:

Ava Jones: Rare Visit! Available Sunday July 4- Tues July6 !! Short N' Naughty Tour!!
*Round 3!

The West couldn't tie me down for long, I am back to have a rip roaring foot stomping good time. For those eastern cowboys in need of a wild ride in the staddle, come play with a untamed philly... Take your heart medicine, cause I'll quicken your heart to uncontrollable pulse pounding beats.....
I'm your private erotic and exotic treat, and you boys know I'm always good to eat, so come on out and play with one wild little lady....

Unfortunately my time is very limited, I'm only here for two pulse pounding days.....
I am not available for middle of the night entertainment... please be kind and not call, as I need my Beauty Sleep (or I become the Beast..LOL)

Please send all emails directly to my private account ( [email protected] ) For Those who do not have access to email, I also have a cell. Please only Text though! 613-304-1428

Yours to Discover!

Ava Jones
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