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Barrie-Northern Reviews for Barrie SP's


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Nov 24, 2009
Of late I have been in contact with several hobbiests in this area. We started by reviewing SP's on CL in the section they were using for advertising. This seemed to stir things up for awhile. All I we were trying to do was get some truth in their ads and expose those that B&S. CL is not the best forum for this kind of thing. I did not know this site existed until recently. I will contact fellow hobbiests and invite them to share what they have told me. Stay tuned ..... :cool:
Re: Reviews for Barrie SP's

Guys the reviews we were/do discuss covers indy sp's, agencys that are local and mp as well. As I stated before we are trying to expose B&S resulting in more truthful advertising allowing the hobbyist to make a more informed decision as to whom to spend thier hard earnd cash on.
Re: Reviews for Barrie SP's

Update .... I have sent emails to all of the fellas that I communicate with regarding this hobby. To date none have taken the invitation to join 'our' forum. In the interest of confidentiality I will not post thier comments made to me in private emails. It is a shame because some of the information shared was eye opeing to say the least. Also I don't want to spread second hand information that I have not witnessed first hand regarding specific SP's. Stay tuned ... the carrot did not work maybe I'll try the stick! :shock:
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