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IN-Call Robyn @ GOE - WOW! Truly Amazing!

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Nov 14, 2009
It was my birthday yesterday and the guys were planning to take me out for a night on the town. Since we had all planned to meet Downtown and I had experienced one of those stressful days at work, what better way to de-stress and start the evening off on the right note than to see one of my all time favourite ATF's. I called Victoria at GOE and Robyn was available for the time that I wanted. Seeing that it was my birthday, I made a special request and Victoria said, "No problem"

At the appointment time, I arrived at a condo, which was conveniently located in the Downtown core. After receiving the room number and buzzer code, I took the elevator up to her floor and knocked on the door. Robyn opens it and she looked awesome! In terms of looks, she is about 5' 4", red hair, spinner type, toned body, hazel eyes and one of the nicest smiles that I have seen. She was wearing a secretary/business type woman outfit with high heels and long black stockings.

She remembered me from my last visit and immediately threw her arms around me and gave me a long DFK that lasted for at least a minute. Wow, this looked like it was going to be an awesome session! I break away to take care of business and hop into the shower and when I came out in my towel, she was waiting for me in the room still fully clothed as I had requested. We immediately lock lips for another DFK session that lasted several minutes as our hands were roaming around and exploring each others bodies. In the DFK department, in my opinion, she is clearly among the best of the best. One of the most passionate and sensual kissers I have ever seen.

Anyway, the room lights were dimmed and she turned on the music, which was one of those romantic blues type songs that reminded me of Teddy Pendergrass. For those Teddy P fans out there, you know what I am talking about :) Then she did a striptease for me over 2 songs. Damn! It was both very sexy and provocative at the same time and she had all the right moves. It was fun to watch those layers of clothes come off. Underneath her business suit, she had a sexy, black lingerie and underneath the lingerie, was a black bra/panty set. She invited me to join in for the last part of our little show and removed my towel, while I removed her last item of clothes, which gently slid to the floor and we DFK’ed for another song.

Little Junior was getting a bit anxious about the lack of attention he has getting, so in a playful voice, I introduced him to Robyn as Richard. She smiled and said "Well hello Richard" and gave me one of the best BBBJ that I had ever received. She had a tongue stud that totally put the sensation at a new level. It was nice and slurpy, up and down the shaft with a tender touch and perfect suction with lots of DT and BLS. We switched to 69 and it was great just devouring her as she gave Little Junior some tender loving care. It was extremely enjoyable for me, but she was having a far better time, by the way her body shuddered as her moans got louder and louder.

From there on umbrella came on and we switched to the main course. She climbed on top and rode me CG and there was lots of bumping and grinding going on. Damn, she was so tight and riding me so hard with our thrusts meeting at the right moment. She was also doing some dirty talking, which really turned me on. We had two or three variations of mish while there was some heavy DFK going on. Switched to doggie and there was a lot of pounding as our skins slapped hard against each other. We were both having a good time. I was sweating buckets while Robyn was hitting some high notes, which reminded me of the opera. Told her that I was close, so she pulled off the umbrella and gave me a fantastic CIM finish with lots of DT and took my entire payload. I was completely spent and had to lie on my back for several minutes just to recover from that experience. Robyn cleaned me up and we cuddled and had a great chat for the remaining time. In terms of personality, I found Robyn to be very outgoing with a great sense of humour. She is one of those people who you could easily get comfortable with.

Time was up, so I hopped in the shower and got dressed. Robyn gives me another big hug and we DFK for several more minutes before I headed out of the door. Damn, my legs were wobbly after that experience and my knees felt so weak. From there I headed out to meet my friends and they could not figure why I had a big smile on my face! LOL!! If only they knew!

All in all, it was an awesome experience with Robyn. She helped me start my evening on the right note. Looks, I would give her all 8.5's. Her services, attitude and personality were all 9's and 10's. Would I repeat? For sure! She is definitely a gem, please treat her right guys!

Gotta love those birthday presents. I must get me one of those.

Excellent review KR, I felt like I was in the room with you....well actually..what i mean and what should have been is the I should have been there with Robyn and you should have been reading my review of
Thanks for the B-Day wishes, Judge, iceman_dci, Brocklee, BT123, elassowipo1, Wilsonjso, hardcore, king21, Winslow, anger, Heatwaves. I had a lot of fun with Robyn. By the way, she told me that she also sees couples and does duos with Tamara, so I might schedule a duo in the near future.

iceman_dci said:
Happy Birthday KR...nice little present to yourself.
Thanks iceman.

All4one said:
Happy birthday KR. Very good review. I wanted to see Robyn before but time frame never worked. Now i have to see this gem.
Thanks All4one. She is a must see

Beenthere123 said:
I want her for my birthday present KR, outstanding review bud and happy Birthday.
Thnaks BT123, you should see her. I know you highly value DFK and she is one of the best DFK that I have come across.

Winslow said:
Happy Birthday KR and an excellent review.
Thanks Winslow!

Heatwaves76 said:
Happy Bday KR!
I still have never been with a true redhead, Robyn looks quite promising!
Thanks Heatwaves.

SandOnTheBreeze said:
Great review KR. Nice way to celebrate your b-day. Noticed you gave her solid 8.5s in terms of looks. Have you seen Holly? How do the two stack up comparatively?
Thanks SOTB! I have not yet seen Holly @ GOE. She is on my TDL and I have tried to schedule an appointment with her a few times, but she is always solidly booked.
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