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Role Playing

afterdark said:
Role-reversal can be hot. Get her to make you her bitch. She'll bend you over, pull your hair, slap your ass, then strap-on a 8' rubber cock :-D

This so funny, I wonder what the mystery lady would think of this one, LMAO.

BTW I hope you meant 8" and not 8'. OMG :eek:
Role play, Faul play, arse play and gowl play!

Role play, Faul play, arse play and gowl play!

Here's my favourite kinky role pay scenario::razz: (researched and planned well in advance)
My Regular client roleplayed King Henry the vii and i was all of his 6 wives wrapped up in one beautiful tight pussy.
Bizzare as this scenario might seem, King Henry did not dissappoint and i managed to execute multiple shots
of love. Vintage corsets, fishnet's, headress's and sexy panties were part and parcel of this royal scene.

Wife 1: Catherine of Aragon, Right catherine married Henry's younger brother first when she was only 16.
When he died and went to heaven, catherine the slut did'nt delay on jumping on top of henry's massive penis for some girl on top action. While i was riding henry cow girl i shouted "Incest is best, i'll put my henry to the test' and
''Fuck me better than your brother ever did''.This encouraged henry to pound my sweet pussy very hard into the next wife.
Wife 2: Anne Boleyn had six fingers. So while henry was on all fours on the bed, i stimulated henry's arse hole with my "Pretend sixth fingure". Henry once had an affair with anne's sister mary Boleyn. So while i was playing with his bum, i went into graphic details of a possible sister duo, Henry loved the dirty talk.
Wife 3: Jane Seymour. This was an awesome throat fucking experience. At the edge of the bed, I roared at Henry "Anne Boleyn is only 24 hours dead, Oh Henry, i feel guilty giving you head" However he proceeded to stuff my mouth with his massive suasage. I played the extreme GFE/PSE acting card dripping this scene with intense passion as jane was henry's true love. She is the only wife that still sleeps with henry today.
Wife 4: Anne of Cleeves. Henry found Anne of cleeves ugly and down right repulsive. In a wierd twisted way, repulsion can be a major turn on if in the right or wrong frame of mind. Everybody is guilty of repulsive great sex at some point in their life. Anyways for this scene i had to wear a bag over my head as henry banged the living shit out of me Doggie style. Very PSE tainted with name calling and bum slapping.
I remember shouting "Slap me harder you English prick". I was sweating like a paedophile under the bag.
Wife 5: Katherine Howard. I Dressed up in club attire as katherine was a horny 19 yr old who loved bouncing energetically up and down Henry's 49 yr old cock. DATY was very well recieved. This was fun and high energy resulting in henry squirting my face with his massive load of come. However katherine had a greedy vagina and infidelity crept in and had to be executed. Henry got his suit tie and singled handely executed me into a mangled mess on the bed.
Wife 6: Katherine Parr. She was an academic so out came the slutty school uniform, and we all know how this one unfolds..............At the end of the session my sweet labia was defeated.

Anyways gent's, great Escorts are like a-list hollywood actresses, we act to impress in the hope that we will not be forgoten. With a imagination, a brain and hot body, the possiblites are endless.The power of the pussy rules the world.
A modern day king henry the V11 would have to be Tiger wood's. I'd be a nasty Rachael Uchitel just for a tiny creamy slice of the recent 10 million dollar settlement.
She's the best paid hooker and she does'nt even know it yet!
All the best,
Love Sarah,
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Holy shit its friecken Easter going to church with a huge hard on cannot escape all day or I will be calling you but whoTF are you???? Wow that is some raunchy stuff, have I seen you?
Bennthere, done that!

Bennthere, done that!

Beenthere123 said:
Holy shit its friecken Easter going to church with a huge hard on cannot escape all day or I will be calling you but whoTF are you???? Wow that is some raunchy stuff, have I seen you?
Like i said before, I've beenthere, Done that!!!!!
But your list is very long! lol!
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When the wine is in, the wit or tit is out!

When the wine is in, the wit or tit is out!

Beenthere123 said:
Ok so I've beenthere. Hmmmm I'll figure it out later beendrinking123 so tomorrow will do.

Whiskey makes you frisky,
Brandy makes you Randy,
Vodka makes you want to,
But oh dear gin makes you sin,
Sarah you TEASE, come on baby, give us a link please, pretty please. Just a little peak at you, enquiring dicks want to know.

Poor BT has probably groped a few Nuns by now, have a heart!
Sarah can I be your king Henry?:cool: Hey, give us a link. I wondering is she the new girl @ Gemini?

Gemini Ladies said:
I know ... I know .. you still don't have a line up .. I just can't give that up ... alright here ... I know some of you guys are master detectives -


[/COLOR][/B]hmmm who could it be....:razz:
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