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Windsor Roxy of Dreamgirls...not a dream connection


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Nov 5, 2009
Knocked and entered and Roxy looked pretty good, nice tight body and very girl-next-door face. Not model hot but someone you would definitely hit on at your local watering hole. She looked a bit out of sorts and explained that she was merely waking from a nap from her day job, no worries on my part, until she lit up a cigarette. Ok, again not a show stopper. After a bit of chit-chat, she got naked and into bed (a few tattoos, but again tight body and no piercings). Spent a few minutes on BBBJ, before getting on with the main event. The standard positions were good but not very enthusiastic (mish, standing mish, her on her tummy, spoon), and the other, more involved positions (doggie, RCG, etc) were avoided when she told me her hip was giving her problems. The session concluded with no SOG as it was 10min to the end of the hour and she had emphatically informed me that we needed to get done early as there was another appointment coming in the room at the top of the hour. Besides, she had started complaining about a cramp in her side that she attributed to sex. Overall it was the most mechanical session I have been in, however she did not seem like she was feeling well and there was just no connection.

Barring any huge changes, that will be the last visit to Sarnia. I wish I could explain the huge difference between Toronto and Sarnia/Windsor. I mean being good at your job does not seem like it should be geography dependent; it is not like an accent. Despite the drive being twice as long, the money and time are VERY well spent. I would highly recommend the agency owners in Sarnia/Windsor paying for one of Toronto’s finest (Brooklyn, Roksi, Kareena, Samara, or Becky) to come out and give a multiple day seminar; I would guarantee a huge return on their investment.
Re: Roxy of Dreamgirls...not a dream connection

d-blue said:
Thanks JYD! Didn't you have a better session with Harlo from that agency?

Oh yes, out of the 5 girls Ive seen in Sarnia she is by far and the ONLY one worth repeating. Harlo is definitely in a class of her own when it comes to Sarnia.
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