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Sakura at Firt Spa - J girl feedback?

Sep 10, 2015
Has anyone seen that J-girl at the Chesswood Spa?

Flirt is the name, I think. Sakura is the girl. I remember her being Japanese, although I haven't seen her personally.

I am on a bit of a J-girl shopping spree at the moment.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
The one on the right. She's young with a look I like, a little classic beauty with cute nerdy Asian girl. She was hit or miss with many in the past when she went by Candice which you can see from reviews. I've seen her a few times, and have enjoyed my time. She may be moody, but when she is at her best, she's a fun session. Great pair of tits which are natural and big on a girl with her frame and size.
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